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Interpreting and Translation Professional Practicum (PG)Western Sydney University Unit Code: A7456.5


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
In order to do the professional practice, students need to have demonstrated a minimum ability to interpret and/or translate, as they will be dealing with real life situations.

101695 Introduction to Interpreting PG OR 101696 Introduction to Translation PG

102562 Preparation for NAATI Certification (PG) AND 100922 Medical Interpreting (PG) OR 102015 Interpreting Skills (PG) OR 101827 Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling and Captioning OR 100917 Specialised Translation (PG) OR 100916 Legal Interpreting OR 101868 Business Interpreting OR 101750 Translation Technologies (PG)

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course.

About this Unit
This unit is a capstone unit for the relevant Interpreting and Translation award, and is aimed at assisting students in their transition from interpreting and translation trainees to successful professional interpreters and translators. It provides students with the opportunity to participate in practical aspects of the Interpreting and/or Translation professions and related fields, as well as to undertake supervised practice in the workplace. Students will complete the practical work relevant to their field of specialisation, i.e., Interpreting, Translation or both. Together with 102562 Preparation for NAATI Certification (PG) it helps students prepare for the NAATI Certification test to be undertaken when they finish their course.

Special Requirements - Legislative Pre-requisites

Student Compliance Information for all Health Related Placements

To be eligible to enrol in this unit and complete any required health-related placements or experiences, students must meet Western Sydney University course requirements as well as any special, legislated, or policy-mandated requirements.

Western Course Requirements

Students undertaking a placement in any NSW Health facility have special requirements that must be met by providing appropriate evidence. Visit the Special Requirements webpage for details about your course.

Special Requirements

Mandatory NSW Health student placement policy requirements

To be able to undertake placement in any NSW Health facility you must be assessed as compliant with NSW Health student placement policy in the first year of your course, regardless of when you expect to go on your first placement.

Access and read the NSW Student Compliance Information Booklet and ensure that you

1. Find your existing National Police Check or apply for one

2. Gather documentary evidence of your vaccination history

3. Print and compete all relevant NSW Health forms relevant to the campus you are enrolled at or online enrolment requirements

4. Follow booklet instructions on how to have your compliance documents assessed by NSW health staff.

NSW Student Compliance Information Booklet

International students have additional requirements; the link to the booklet will inform you of these requirements.

School Requirements

Contact your School for further details regarding your School’s requirements, if any, such as

  • If you live outside of NSW or Australia and need to meet your state, territory or country’s compliance requirements
  • If you need to meet different state, territory or country compliance requirements.
  • NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC)or other state equivalent, valid for your entire course.
  • Current approved first aid certificate valid for your entire course - approved course providers can be found at: http://training.gov.au
  • Other non-health related requirements.

Student Compliance Resources are also available on the Placements Hub web page:


1775.1Graduate Diploma in InterpretingCONTINUING
1775.2Graduate Diploma in InterpretingCONTINUING
1775.3Graduate Diploma in InterpretingCURRENT
1776.3Graduate Diploma in TranslationCURRENT
1777.2Master of Interpreting and TranslationCONTINUING
1777.3Master of Interpreting and TranslationCONTINUING
1777.4Master of Interpreting and TranslationCURRENT
1778.1Graduate Diploma in Interpreting Studies (exit only)CURRENT
1779.1Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies (exit only)CURRENT
1816.3Master of Translation and TESOLCONTINUING
1816.4Master of Translation and TESOLCURRENT

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