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Evidence in Professional ReasoningWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 401384.1


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
Foundation level knowledge and skills in research and evidence research methods and clinical knowledge gained in at least one clinical unit of the student’s program.

Equivalent Units
400865 Evidence-based Practice

Incompatible Units
401379 Evidence in Professional Reasoning (Honours) 400944 Evidence-based Practice (Advanced)


Students need to have done 400864 Research Methods PLUS ONE clinical unit from their specific program. This will be one of four possible units.

401383 Evidence in Health

401403 Research in Health

400933 Podiatry Pre-Clinical. Students enrolled in Course Code 4661 (Continuing) or 4708 (Current) must have completed this unit.

400909 Occupational Therapy Practice 2. Students enrolled in Course Code 4663 (Continuing) or 4711 (Current) must have completed this unit.

401197 Clinical Education General . Students enrolled in Course Code 4662 (Continuing) or 4706 (Current) must have completed this unit.

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in one of the courses 4660,4661, 4662, 4663, 4706, 4708, 4710, 4711, 4763 or 4656

About this Unit
In this unit, you will incorporate the evidence knowledge and skills developed in previous units into professional practice. The evidence-based practice process manages expanding and uncertain knowledge by formulating answerable questions, effectively searching literature, critically appraising evidence and applying and evaluating its significance in clinical practice and healthcare decision-making. Professional reasoning requires consideration of best available evidence, client or patient perspectives, professional expertise and practice context. You will learn professional reasoning for shared decision-making and safe and effective communication for patient scenarios relevant to your program.

3769.2Bachelor of Data ScienceCURRENT
4656.3Bachelor of Health ScienceCURRENT
4660.2Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Traditional Chinese MedicineCONTINUING
4706.2Bachelor of PhysiotherapyCONTINUING
4706.3Bachelor of PhysiotherapyCURRENT
4708.1Bachelor of Podiatric MedicineCONTINUING
4708.2Bachelor of Podiatric MedicineCURRENT
4710.1Bachelor of Traditional Chinese MedicineCONTINUING
4710.2Bachelor of Traditional Chinese MedicineCURRENT
4711.1Bachelor of Occupational TherapyCONTINUING
4711.2Bachelor of Occupational TherapyCONTINUING
4711.3Bachelor of Occupational TherapyCURRENT
4741.2Bachelor of Sport DevelopmentCURRENT
4742.1Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education)-Pathway to Teaching (Secondary)CURRENT
4747.2Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education)CURRENT
4763.2Bachelor of Speech PathologyCONTINUING
4763.3Bachelor of Speech PathologyCURRENT
4788.1Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)CURRENT
4789.1Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Science)CURRENT
6000.2Diploma in Health Science/Bachelor of Health ScienceCURRENT


MT4000.1Clinical SciencesCURRENT
SM4008.1Exercise ScienceCURRENT

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