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Clinical Sciences 2Western Sydney University Unit Code: 401277.2


Student Contribution Band: 3

Level: 2

Credit Points: 80

Incompatible Units
400862 Foundations of Medicine 2

401276 Clinical Sciences 1

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in 4758 - Doctor of Medicine (MD)

About this Unit
This Unit is a consolidation of two formerly approved Units (Clinical Sciences 2 and Professional portfolio 2) into one Unit. The Unit content is derived from content of two existing Units that are being retired because of the new Unit being introduced. The reason for the amalgamation of the two units is that the role of the Professional Portfolio is to assist students to identify and monitor their learning through reflections about their academic and professional performance in the Clinical Sciences unit. Therefore, it is logical to have them both sit within the same unit. Also, the Professional Portfolio and the Clinical Sciences are required to be co-delivered and co-assessed. This would be difficult if they were to be in two separate units and would require new progression rules. Since the two components (Clinical Sciences and Professional Portfolio) were previously co-requisites and co-assessed, if we retain the same 2-unit model, students who fail one unit and pass the other will be required to remediate a unit that they have already passed. This will be unacceptable by students and would be considered a breach of university policy. There are also potential ethical/legal issues in making students incur the cost of repeating a unit they have already passed. In addition, there is potential for students to accrue extra credit points which could prove problematic. Successful student workload requires rewarding with credit points. The total added credit points of passed and remediated units of a repeating student will be greater that credit points achieved by students who do not require remediation.

Special Requirements - Legislative Pre-requisites

Student Compliance Information for all Health-Related Placements

To be eligible to enrol in this unit and complete any required health-related placements or experiences, students must meet Western Sydney University course requirements as well as any special, legislated, or policy-mandated requirements.

Western Course Requirements

Visit the Special Requirements webpage for details about your course.

Special Requirements

Mandatory NSW Health student placement policy requirements

To be able to undertake placement in any NSW Health facility you must be assessed as compliant with NSW Health student placement policy in the first year of your course, regardless of when you expect to go on your first placement. Access and read the NSW Student Compliance Information Booklet.

NSW Student Compliance Information Booklet

Please ensure that you

1. Find your existing National Police Check or apply for one

2. Gather documentary evidence of your vaccination history

3. Print and compete all relevant NSW Health forms relevant to the campus you are enrolled at or online enrolment requirements

4. Follow booklet instructions on how to have your compliance documents assessed by NSW health staff.

International students have additional requirements: the link to the booklet will inform you of these requirements.

School Requirements

Contact your School for further details regarding your School’s requirements, if any, such as

  • If you live outside of NSW or Australia and need to meet your state, territory or country’s compliance requirements
  • If you need to meet different state, territory or country compliance requirements.
  • NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) or other state equivalent, valid for your entire course.
  • Current approved first aid certificate valid for your entire course - approved course providers can be found at the Government Training website
  • Other non-health related requirements.

Student Compliance Resources are also available on the Placements Hub web page.


Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
1. Stethoscope 2. Pencil torch 3. White laboratory coat 4. Watch (with a second hand or display) 5. Closed-in shoes

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