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Primary Health Care and its ApplicationsWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 400412.4


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course. The unit is also available as a non-award unit in online mode.

About this Unit
This unit explores the impact and relevance of Primary Health Care in its context as a World Health Organization (WHO) strategy for achieving “Health for All”. It examines the ways in which Primary Health Care, along with other significant WHO initiatives, provides a framework for the organisation of just and humane health care systems and provides an opportunity for detailed discussion of the complex factors that impact on the health status of populations. The integration of associated theoretical concepts will enable an understanding of the complex dimensions of health and well-being to evolve and then to inform health care practices and the planning of programs that can lead to sustainable health within a primary health care framework.

4694.1Master of Primary Health CareSUSPENDED
4695.1Graduate Diploma in Primary Health CareSUSPENDED
4696.1Graduate Certificate in Primary Health CareSUSPENDED
4722.2Master of NursingCONTINUING
4722.3Master of NursingCURRENT
4723.2Graduate Diploma in NursingCONTINUING
4723.3Graduate Diploma in NursingCURRENT
4735.1Master of Nursing (Professional Studies)CURRENT
4736.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Professional Studies) (exit only)CURRENT
4737.1Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Professional Studies) (exit only)CURRENT
4760.2Master of Medicine (Rural Generalism)SUSPENDED


A4014.1Master of Nursing (No Specialisation) - 1.5 year PathwayCURRENT
A4015.1Master of Nursing (No Specialisation) - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4022.1Master of Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4023.1Master of Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 1 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4026.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (No specialisation) - 80 cp 1 year PathwayCURRENT
A4027.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (No specialisation) - 60 cp 1 year PathwayCURRENT
A4034.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 80cp 1 year PathwayCONTINUING
A4035.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 60 cp 1 year PathwayCONTINUING
A4044.1Master of Medicine (Rural Generalism) - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4059.1Master of Medicine (Rural Generalism) - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4062.1Master of Nursing (Tuberculosis Management) - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4063.1Master of Nursing (Tuberculosis Management) - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4064.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Tuberculosis Management) - 80 cp 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4065.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Tuberculosis Management) - 60 cp 1 year pathwayCURRENT
ST4017.1Primary Health CareCONTINUING

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