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BiochemistryWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 301460.1


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300219 - Biochemistry 1, 300555 - Proteins and Genes, 300936 - Functional Proteins and Genes

300816 Cell Biology AND 301451 Essential Chemistry

About this Unit
Biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of life. By understanding the structure and roles of biological macromolecules found in cells students will develop the concept of self assembly of these molecules to form life. Topics include the structure of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids and how they function in the lipid and aqueous environments of the cell. Basic metabolism is introduced with an overview of the major pathways in cells, mechanisms of regulation, and an introduction into important cofactors and intermediatory molecules. These concepts will be reinforced through practical classes that teach critical skills in experimental design, analysis and interpretation.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Student must have closed-in shoes, lab coat, safety glasses and laboratory note book.

2743.12Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
3754.2Bachelor of ScienceCURRENT
3755.2Bachelor of Medical ScienceCURRENT
3756.2Bachelor of Science (Pathway to Teaching Primary/Secondary)CURRENT
3757.2Bachelor of Advanced ScienceCURRENT
3758.2Bachelor of Advanced Medical ScienceCURRENT
3763.2Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsCURRENT
4748.4Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
6042.2Diploma in Science/Bachelor of Medical ScienceCURRENT
6043.2Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCURRENT


MT3044.1Human NutritionCURRENT

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