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Civil and SubstructureWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 301220.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300720 Construction Technology 1 (Civil) 300721 Construction Technology 2 (Sub-structure)

300706 Building 1 OR 301226 Residential Building AND 300707 Building 2 OR 301227 Non-Residential Building

About this Unit
This unit provides an overview of civil construction and associated sub-structure works comprising footings, pilings and slabs and the high costs associated with these elements. Through site surveys, site assessments and design proposals students will apply their developing understanding of bulk excavation, site drainage, service mains (electricity, gas, water, sewerage, data), roads and retaining walls to real world examples. Students will also examine public infrastructure such as ports, tunnels, bridges and highways to deepen their knowledge base. Additionally, in order to further understand the high costs involved in sub structure works, students will learn to identify problems faced on sites including rock, chemically-aggressive soils and water-logged sites.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
This unit involves extensive practical exercises. In order to undertake the practicals, each student must have the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment): Laboratory coat Broad-brimmed hat Safety shoes

2769.4Bachelor of Construction Management Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2769.5Bachelor of Construction Management Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
3692.4Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCONTINUING
3692.5Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCURRENT
3697.4Bachelor of Construction Management Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
3697.5Bachelor of Construction Management Studies (exit only)CURRENT
3727.2Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCONTINUING
3727.3Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCURRENT
3762.1Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)CONTINUING
3762.2Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)CURRENT
3782.1Bachelor of Construction Management Advanced (Honours)CURRENT
6031.2Diploma in Building Design Management/Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCONTINUING
6031.3Diploma in Building Design Management/Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCURRENT
6045.1Diploma in Construction Technology/ Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCONTINUING
6045.2Diploma in Construction Technology/ Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCURRENT

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