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Advanced Inorganic ChemistryWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300907.1


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
J3668 - Inorganic Chemistry 3, 300231 - Inorganic Chemistry 3, 300538 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

300545 Coordination Chemistry OR 300230 Inorganic Chemistry 2 OR 300899 Inorganic Chemistry

About this Unit
Building on the foundations laid in Inorganic Chemistry, this unit focuses on structure and bonding in inorganic chemistry, and the stereochemistry of coordination complexes. Spectroscopic and magnetic properties of inorganic compounds are evaluated as a consequence of structure and bonding, and an introduction to X-ray methods for structure determination is given. Kinetics and mechanism of inorganic reactions are examined, and the area of bioinorganic chemistry is developed. Unique structures and reactions of organotransition metal chemistry are explored. Advanced Modules cover aqueous chemistry of cations and oxyanions, inorganic materials, molecular orbital theory in coordination complexes, group theory; lanthanides and actinides.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Students are required to have laboratory coat, appropriate shoes and eye protection.

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