School Of Science And Health

Microbiology 2Western Sydney University Unit Code: 300896.1


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
Knowledge of the major groups of microorganisms and their structure and functions including DNA and key metabolic pathways.

Equivalent Units
300321 - Microbiology 2

300833 Microbiology 1

About this Unit
The unit focuses on the origins of genetic variation and the process of gene regulation in prokaryotes and explores the metabolic diversity of microorganisms from a variety of habitats and their application in industry and biotechnology. Using published scientific literature, students will learn how scientists research functional microbial physiology in the postgenomic era. The principles and applications of recombinant DNA techniques are discussed. Laboratory classes introduce students to techniques used to study microbial physiology and biotechnology based on microbial metabolism, such as microbial fuel cells and development of environmental biosensors.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Students must have appropriate personal protective equipment (laboratory coat and splash resistant safety spectacles)

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