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BotanyWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300836.2

Discipline: BOTANY

Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
Basic knowledge of biology, chemistry and ecology.

Equivalent Units
BI103A - Botany; 300328 - Botany

300802 Biodiversity

About this Unit
From microscopic algae to giant flowering angiosperms, this unit develops students knowledge and understanding of plants on earth. The unit covers the topics of plant anatomy and morphology, classification and systematics, and evolution. Students will examine the major groups of plants: green algae, bryophytes, lycophytes, monilophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. Laboratory and field work involves the study of common Australian plants and economically significant plants.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Lab coat, enclosed footwear

2743.10Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.8Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.9Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
3562.9Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)CONTINUING
3658.6Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsCONTINUING
3660.6Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesCONTINUING
3670.1Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science)CONTINUING
3671.1Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental Management)CONTINUING
3671.2Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental Management)CONTINUING
3675.4Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
3676.4Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)CONTINUING
3677.2Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)CONTINUING
3678.1Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science)CONTINUING
3678.2Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science)CONTINUING
3680.3Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)CONTINUING
3681.2Bachelor of Science (Zoology)CONTINUING
3732.1Bachelor of Science (Zoology)/Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science)CONTINUING
4748.2Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6003.1Diploma in Science/Bachelor of Natural ScienceCONTINUING
6004.1Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING


KP3027.1General ProgramCONTINUING
KT3128.1Biological ScienceCONTINUING
KT3148.1Environmental ScienceCONTINUING
M3049.1Conservation BiologyCONTINUING
M3052.1General BiologyCONTINUING
M3079.1Conservation BiologyCONTINUING
M3080.1General BiologyCONTINUING

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