School Of Science And Health

Microbiology 1Western Sydney University Unit Code: 300833.1


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300300 - Microbiology 1

Incompatible Units
300331 - General Microbiology

300802 Biodiversity OR 300816 Cell Biology

About this Unit
In this unit students will use an inquiry-based approach to explore the origin and diversity of microorganisms and their significance in the environment, in foods and industry as well as in health and disease. Students will be introduced to the structure, reproduction, classification, cultivation and enumeration of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protists. The conditions required for growth and survival of microorganisms will be studied as well as physical and chemical methods of control. In laboratory classes students will develop skills in culturing and observing microorganisms and in designing experiments to test microbiological concepts. This unit is a pre-requisite for Microbiology 2 and Level 3 Microbiology units.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Students are required to purchase a laboratory manual, lab coat, safety goggles and enclosed shoes

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