School Of Engineering, Design And Built Environment

Planning and Development ControlWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300708.7


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

About this Unit
This unit describes the general planning issues relevant to developments in rural and urban areas. The content covers the factors important in determining the allocation and use of land and resources together with the contributions of development to the built and natural environment. Topics include: urban and rural design issues; the impact of the 3 tiers of Government process on development control, and the legal, political and technical issues relevant to impact assessments. Particular attention will be paid to the role of the private sector in developing controls, self-regulation and appeal processes. Planning in both the micro and macro environments is examined in the context of sustainability, indigenous culture and heritage, private land conservation, community resources and its strategic effects on the recycling of existing land and non-renewable natural resources.

1712.3Master of PlanningCURRENT
3703.3Master of Building SurveyingCONTINUING
3703.4Master of Building SurveyingCURRENT
3704.2Graduate Diploma in Building SurveyingCONTINUING
3708.2Master of Bushfire ProtectionCONTINUING
3708.3Master of Bushfire ProtectionCONTINUING
3708.4Master of Bushfire ProtectionCURRENT
3709.2Graduate Diploma in Bushfire ProtectionCONTINUING
3710.2Graduate Certificate in Bushfire ProtectionCONTINUING
3712.2Graduate Certificate in Building SurveyingCONTINUING
3752.1Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.2Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.3Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.4Master of Project ManagementCURRENT
3760.1Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3760.2Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3761.1Master of Architecture (Urban Transformation)CONTINUING
3786.1Graduate Diploma in Project ManagementCURRENT
3789.1Graduate Diploma in Building SurveyingCURRENT
3790.1Graduate Certificate in Building SurveyingCURRENT
3793.1Graduate Diploma in Bushfire ProtectionCURRENT
3794.1Graduate Certificate in Bushfire ProtectionCURRENT


A3043.1Master of Project Management - Pathway A - ResearchCURRENT
A3044.1Master of Project Management - Pathway B - CourseworkCURRENT
A3045.1Master of Project Management - Pathway C - Work PlacementCURRENT
A3051.1Master of Building Surveying Entry Pathway A (120 credit points)CURRENT
A3052.1Master of Building Surveying Entry Pathway B (160 credit points)CURRENT
A3055.1Master of Bushfire Protection Pathway ACURRENT
A3056.1Master of Bushfire Protection Pathway BCURRENT
A3057.1Master of Bushfire Protection Pathway CCURRENT

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