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Mathematical ReasoningWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300691.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300589 - Mathematics Toolbox

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Only students enrolled in a Science / Computing / Business degree course should enrol in this unit and this enrolment must take place in their first year of study. Students may not concurrently enrol in Mathematical Reasoning and any other mathematics / statistics unit. Due to the requirements above, permission is required to enrol in this unit. 300691 Mathematical Reasoning is incompatible with the following units: DN206A Planning Research Methods, 200022 Mathematical Modelling, 200023 Analysis, 200024 Mathematical Finance, 200025 Discrete Mathematics, 200026 Advanced Maths for Business, 200034 Statistical Theory, 200036 Data Mining & Visualisation, 200037 Regression Analysis & Experimental Design, 200038 Time Series & Forecasting, 200041 Applied Regression and Forecasting, 200042 Introduction to Operations Research, 200237 Mathematics for Engineers 1, 200238 Mathematics for Engineers 2, 200242 Mathematics for Engineers 3, 200424 Statistics for Accountants, 200027 Linear Algebra, 200028 Advanced Calculus, 200030 Differential Equations, 200031 Mathematics for Business, 200032 Statistics for Business, 200033 Applied Statistics, 200045 Quantitative Project, 200182 Quantitative Techniques, 200189 Concepts of Mathematics, 200191 Fundamentals of Mathematics, 200192 Statistics for Science, 200193 Abstract Algebra, 200263 Biometry.

About this Unit
This unit will cover basic mathematical concepts, such as algebraic, graphical, trigonometric and arithmetic skills that are needed in a variety of contexts. In any one semester, six areas on content will be considered from the following - Basic Numerical Operations, Basic Algebraic Operations, Functions and Graphs, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Functions, Basic Trigonometry, Financial Mathematics and Basic Statistics. In addition to the mathematical content, students will be exposed to strategies that will help them to learn to study mathematics effectively and also to lessen any mathematical anxiety problems that they may experience.

3633.2Bachelor of ComputingCONTINUING

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