School Of Natural Sciences

Conservation BiologyWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300617.2


Student Contribution Band: NP

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
BI303A.1 - Environmental Biology 3.1 (V1), 300466.1 - Environmental Biology 3.3

300792 Biology A - The Diversity of Life OR 300222 Biology 2 AND 300634 Ecology OR 300623 Genetics OR 300609 Plant Physiology OR 300608 Animal Physiology OR 300547 Human Genetics OR 300328 Botany

About this Unit
This unit will develop a sound understanding of the principles and practices of conservation biology in both an Australian and International context. Ethical and historical aspects of conservation biology will also be considered in addition to the science of conservation. Students will gain an understanding of the processes that have led to, and are leading to, species extinction. Methods and issues associated with conservation are considered; these include the principles of population genetics, population viability analysis, and the use of modelling. Other issues and concepts covered include the uses of wildlife, illegal wildlife trafficking and trade, biosecurity and the types of international, national and local laws and agreements that relate to conservation in general. The unit emphasises the importance of biodiversity and scientific research in conservation biology.

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