School Of Natural Sciences

Chemistry 2Western Sydney University Unit Code: 300225.2


Student Contribution Band: NP

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
A demonstrated understanding and competence with basic chemical principles including SI units, chemical symbols, formulas and equations, nomenclature, stoichiometry, the mole concept, bonding, molecular shape and polarity, states and properties of matter, thermodynamics, equilibria, acids and bases, pH and electrochemistry, to a standard equivalent to that presented in Chemistry 1 (or equivalent).

Equivalent Units
14102 - Foundation Chemistry 2, 300550 - Medicinal Chemistry, CH104A - Chemistry 1.2, J1754 - Organic Chemistry 1

Incompatible Units
CH102A - Biological Chemistry 1.2D

About this Unit
In 2012 this unit will be replaced by 300803 - Essential Chemistry 2. This unit is designed to continue the development of students' understanding of the basic principles of chemistry, with an emphasis on the chemistry of carbon compounds. The unit focuses on introductory chemical dynamics, together with an in-depth treatment of the structure, nomenclature and reactivity of the principal organic functional groups. The unit provides a necessary foundation for subsequent related studies in chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, nutrition science, toxicology, environmental science, and related biological sciences and technologies.


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