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Biochemistry 1Western Sydney University Unit Code: 300219.4


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
Knowledge of bacterial, plant and animal cell structure; chromosomes, mitosis and meiosis; structure of DNA and its role as carrier of genetic information; Mendelian genetics; chemical bonding, including covalent, hydrogen and ionic bonds and hydrophobic interactions; properties of water, acids, bases and buffers; structure of common functional groups; stereoisomerism; stoichiometry; principles of chemical reactions. Basic laboratory skills such as weighing, mixing, laboratory record keeping and calculations.

Equivalent Units
14437 - Biochemistry 1, 300555 - Proteins and Genes, BC201A - Biochemistry 2.1

Incompatible Units
300227 - General Biochemistry, 300658 - Endocrinology and Metabolism

300224 Chemistry 1 OR 300225 Chemistry 2 OR 300550 Medicinal Chemistry OR 300554 Principles of Chemistry AND 300221 Biology 1 OR 300543 Cell Biology OR 300793 Biology B - Cellular Processes

About this Unit
In 2013 this unit will be replaced by 300936 - Functional Proteins and Genes. This unit develops understanding of the structure, function and synthesis of proteins, principles of enzyme function and regulation, and the structures and roles of nucleic acids, chromosomes and genes. Topics include the characteristic features of the four levels of protein structure and their significance for protein function; protein denaturation; enzyme function, kinetics and inhibition, allosteric enzymes, and mechanisms of enzyme regulation; structure of DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes; the molecular events in transcription and translation in bacteria and eukaryotes, and protein modification and targeting. Complex carbohydrate biochemistry and protein glycosylation is also included.


RU3062.1Biomedical ScienceCONTINUING
SM3021.1Nutrition and PhysiologyCONTINUING

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