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Physics 1Western Sydney University Unit Code: 300050.1

Discipline: PHYSICS

Student Contribution Band: NP

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
14201 - Foundation Physics 1, 14227 - Engineering Physics, 300077 - Physics 1D, 300558 - Physics 1, EN102A - Engineering Science, J1733 - Physics 1.1, J1763 - Fundamentals of Physics

About this Unit
After an introductory module discussing basic ideas and some interesting topics in physics, this unit covers the following areas: mechanics (including Newton's laws, friction, momentum and energy conservation, work and power); thermal physics (including thermal expansion and stresses, specific and latent heat, conduction, convection, radiation and the first law of thermodynamics); introduction to waves (including intensity, inverse-square law, reflection, interference, diffraction, refraction, light, electromagnetic spectrum, sound waves, pitch and decibels); and DC electricity (including voltage, current, resistance, Ohm's law, electric power, resistors in series and parallel, meters and safety).


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