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Business Analytics in PracticeWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 201019.1


Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
200822 - Applied Marketing Solutions

About this Unit
This unit will explore and analyse ideas and concepts related to business intelligence and advanced analytics in business and broader economic contexts. The ability to identify, gather, extract, and analyse data is vital to organisations. Business analytics uses a variety of software applications to transform such data into useful information that can then be used for constructive decision making, improving operational effectiveness and efficiencies and identifying new business opportunities.

2761.6Master of Business AdministrationCURRENT
2816.1Master of Business AnalyticsCURRENT
2817.1Master of MarketingCURRENT
3693.3Master of EngineeringCURRENT
3694.3Graduate Diploma in Engineering (exit only)CURRENT
3695.3Graduate Certificate in EngineeringCURRENT
3752.1Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.2Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.3Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.4Master of Project ManagementCURRENT
3760.1Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3760.2Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3786.1Graduate Diploma in Project ManagementCURRENT


A2009.1Master of Business Analytics - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A2010.1Master of Business Analytics - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A2011.1Master of Business Analytics - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A2012.1Master of Marketing - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A2013.1Master of Marketing - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A2014.1Master of Marketing - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A3043.1Master of Project Management - Pathway A - ResearchCURRENT
A3044.1Master of Project Management - Pathway B - CourseworkCURRENT
A3045.1Master of Project Management - Pathway C - Work PlacementCURRENT
SP3007.1Project Management (Generic Program)CURRENT

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