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Developing Sport ProfessionalsWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200997.1


Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
An introductory level of knowledge in Sport Management

Equivalent Units
400649 - Professional Practice in Sport Management 3, 400648 - Professional Practice in Sport Management 2, 200576 - Professional Practice in Sport Management 1, 200664 - Sport Management Internship

201000 The World of Sport Business

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Student must be enrolled in one of the following courses: 1818 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business 1819 Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Business 1820 Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Business 2786 Bachelor of Business 2787 Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership) 2788 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws 2789 Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws 3728 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Business 3737 Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of Business 3744 Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of Business 3745 Bachelor of Information Systems Advanced/Bachelor of Business 4748 Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business 6037 Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business

About this Unit
The Sport Management Internship unit provides students with an opportunity to engage with the sport industry through a 120 hour [minimum] industry placement. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to observe sport management practitioners in action and learn in a practical "hands-on" setting. Experience in the field of study is an essential ingredient in preparing an individual for employment either during the period of study or after graduation. Students have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts, knowledge and skills acquired in lectures and workshops in professional sport, recreation and aligned settings.

Special Requirements - Legislative Pre-requisites

Some placements may require completion of a Prohibited Persons Declaration; Criminal Record Check Clearance and Immunisation. This will be considered on a case by case basis.

1818.3Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
1818.4Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
1819.3Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
1820.2Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
2786.3Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
2787.2Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)SUSPENDED
2788.3Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2789.3Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of LawsSUSPENDED
3728.2Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
3728.3Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
3728.4Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
3737.2Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
3744.2Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
3745.2Bachelor of Information Systems Advanced/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
4748.2Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
4748.3Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
4748.4Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
6037.2Diploma in Business/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6037.3Diploma in Business/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT


MT2036.1Sport ManagementCURRENT

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