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Compliance ManagementWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200776.1


Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
200224 - Management of Quality

Incompatible Units
200227 - Performance Measurement and Benchmarking; H7072 - Risk Management

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course.

About this Unit
This unit comprises three modules that focus on quality management, risk management, and performance measurement and benchmarking. The quality systems module explores quality management principles, systems, and frameworks, and the role that quality management plays in creating customer value, improving competitiveness and enhancing organisational effectiveness. The risk management module examines the important risks that need to be managed by businesses, especially in a global business setting, and introduces common frameworks that can be used to develop risk management strategies. The performance measurement and benchmarking module elaborates upon the evolution of performance measurement frameworks and introduces approaches that can be used by businesses to assess the status of their business processes and enhance performance through benchmarking. It will draw upon the concepts and theories covered in the quality and risk management modules. All three modules incorporate aspects related to economic, social and environmental responsibility. Students are required to study all three modules.

2624.7Master of Business (Operations Management)CURRENT
2761.3Master of Business AdministrationCONTINUING
2761.5Master of Business AdministrationCONTINUING
2761.6Master of Business AdministrationCURRENT
2797.1Master of ManagementCURRENT
2816.1Master of Business AnalyticsCURRENT
3748.1Master of Information GovernanceCONTINUING
3749.1Master of ScienceCONTINUING
3749.2Master of ScienceCURRENT
3752.1Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.2Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.3Master of Project ManagementCONTINUING
3752.4Master of Project ManagementCURRENT
3760.1Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3760.2Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)CONTINUING
3774.1Graduate Certificate in Information GovernanceCURRENT
3775.1Graduate Diploma in Information GovernanceCURRENT
3776.1Graduate Certificate in Science (Exit only)CURRENT
3777.1Graduate Diploma in Science (Exit only)CURRENT
3779.1Master of Information GovernanceCURRENT
3786.1Graduate Diploma in Project ManagementCURRENT


A2009.1Master of Business Analytics - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A3043.1Master of Project Management - Pathway A - ResearchCURRENT
A3044.1Master of Project Management - Pathway B - CourseworkCURRENT
A3045.1Master of Project Management - Pathway C - Work PlacementCURRENT
A4038.1Master of Science (Food Science) - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4039.1Master of Science (Food Science) - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
SP2008.1Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementCURRENT
SP3007.1Project Management (Generic Program)CURRENT
ST3056.1Food ScienceCONTINUING

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