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Medical Malpractice LawWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200640.4


Student Contribution Band: 3

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
69056 - Medical Malpractice Law

200008 Torts Law AND 200009 Constitutional Law AND 200010 Criminal Law AND 200011 Contracts AND 200012 Property Law

About this Unit
In 2014, this unit replaced by 200856 - Medical Law. The relationship between the provider of health services and the patient has, in recent times, become more complex and provides a significant field for litigation, reform and legal scholarship. Advances in medical science have yielded increasingly complex questions concerning patient's rights, obligations of health care providers and the extent to which the State should intervene in that relationship. This unit aims to provide knowledge and understanding of core practical issues in Australian medical litigation; together with an overview of some cutting edge legal and policy issues that arise in medical litigation.

2501.4Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)CONTINUING
2502.2Bachelor of Laws (Non graduate entry)CONTINUING
2502.5Bachelor of Laws (Non graduate entry)CONTINUING
2526.4Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2537.6Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2537.7Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2538.4Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2538.7Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2723.3Bachelor of Communication Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2740.4Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2740.5Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2740.6Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2740.7Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.5Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2752.2Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2752.3Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2758.2Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING

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