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Commercial Property ManagementWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200600.2

Discipline: REAL ESTATE

Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
It is assumed that candidates attempting this unit are already in possession of a basic understanding of the nature of commercial real estate as an investment and asset class. It is assumed that this level of understanding includes a familiarity with the fundamental characteristics of retail, industrial and office-building properties, plus the sub-markets existing within each of those use categories, and how the characteristics differ between these three prime categories of commercial property use. It is also assumed that, prior to entry into this unit, students already possess a rudimentary understanding of investment analysis, risk analysis and financial appraisal (i.e. valuation) techniques, principles and practice as they apply to commercial real estate.

Equivalent Units
MG316A - Commercial Property Management

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
External offerings for this unit are only available to students who are enrolled in a Property course or specialisation.

About this Unit
This unit examines the operation of commercial property management as a discrete professional discipline of the property industry. Students examine the fundamental principles of the day-to-day management of the various classes of mainstream commercial investment property. In this unit, students acquire an understanding of the various roles, duties, obligations and legal liabilities of the Commercial Property Manager. Various legislative and statutory provisions are explored, as well as the inter-relationship of commercial property management with the professional disciplines of asset management, investment management and portfolio management, and other sectors of the property Industry. Students also gain an understanding of contemporary commercial leasing practice and the relationships which operate between the building owner, the building manager, and commercial tenants, including the interests and objectives of all concerned parties.

2739.2Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.5Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2740.9Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2753.1Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.2Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.3Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.4Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2754.3Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)CONTINUING
2786.2Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
2786.3Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT
2787.2Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)SUSPENDED
2788.2Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2788.3Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
6037.1Diploma in Business/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6037.2Diploma in Business/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6037.3Diploma in Business/Bachelor of BusinessCURRENT



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