School Of Computing, Engineering And Mathematics

Fundamentals of MathematicsWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200191.4


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Incompatible Units
200195 - Mathematical Methods A; 200196 - Mathematical Methods B; 14505 Engineering Mathematics 1; 200031 - Mathematics for Business; 200237 - Mathematics for Engineers 1; 200189 - Concepts of Mathematics; 300672 - Mathematics 1A; Mathematics 1B

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Permission required for students enrolled in course code 3562 Bachelor of Science (Advanced).

About this Unit
This unit is designed to assist in the transition from secondary school mathematics to university first year level mathematics, and gradually bring students to the required standard. It provides a sound foundation in basic mathematical tools in the areas of algebra, trigonometry, probability and calculus, which are particularly relevant to first year mathematics and statistics core subjects. The algebra section revises basic arithmetic manipulation before introducing functions, polynomial, logarithmic and exponential functions, solving equations, matrix manipulation and applications. The probability section covers basic concepts of probability. The trigonometry section introduces the concept of angles, trigonometric functions and their fundamental identities. The calculus section includes limits, differentiation, maximum and minimum values, graphing and integration. These mathematical methods and simple concepts are illustrated using practical examples derived from many different areas relevant to students.

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