School Of Computer, Data And Mathematical Sciences

Quantitative ProjectWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 200045.4


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10


Students must have successfully completed 30 credit points of Level 2 mathematics/statistics units from 200027 Linear Algebra, 200028 Advanced Calculus, 200030 Differential Equations, 301031 Computer Algebra, 301032 Making Sense of Data, 301033 Introduction to Data Science,

Students must also have completed 30 credit points of Level 3 mathematics/statistics units from 200022 Mathematical Modelling, 200023 Analysis, 200193 Abstract Algebra, 300958 Social Web Analytics, 301034 Predictive Modelling, 301035 Environmental Informatics

About this Unit
In this unit, students can deepen or apply knowledge gained during their course and practise verbal and written presentation skills. Students will carry out a project under the supervision of an academic staff member. Assisted by their supervisor, students will define the problem to be studied and then acquire, develop and apply the appropriate theory or methodology. They will prepare a final report presenting theoretical results or methodology, an analysis and a discussion followed by an appropriate conclusion, as well as a literature review or a list of references as appropriate. Students will also give a talk on their project.

2739.2Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.5Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2743.10Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.11Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.7Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.8Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.9Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
3562.9Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)CONTINUING
3658.6Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsCONTINUING
3660.6Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesCONTINUING
3675.4Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
3679.3Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science)CONTINUING
3754.1Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
3756.1Bachelor of Science (Pathway to Teaching Primary/Secondary)CONTINUING
3757.1Bachelor of Advanced ScienceCONTINUING
3763.1Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsCONTINUING
3764.1Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesCONTINUING
4748.2Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
4748.3Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6004.1Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
6043.1Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING


KP3027.1General ProgramCONTINUING
KT2006.1Financial MathematicsCONTINUING
KT3150.1Mathematical SciencesCONTINUING

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