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EcopedagogiesWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102157.2


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

About this Unit
In simplest terms, ecopedagogies is teaching and learning in partnership with Nature. This interdisciplinary unit examines place-based theory and outdoor-experiential education. Research has repeatedly shown that outdoor experiential learning promotes health, well-being, cognitive advancement, growth and development for children, youth and adults. Correspondingly, the importance of ecopedagogies in this historical era cannot be underestimated. The precariousness of human/nature interrelationships compels us to explore new ways of learning and knowing and ecopedagogies provides new ways of connecting with the natural world. Further insight is gained through engaging with First Peoples’ knowledge systems through the conceptualisation of ‘country’ and relational frameworks.

1714.2Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.3Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.4Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1723.1Master of Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1723.2Master of Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1723.3Master of Education (Social Ecology)SUSPENDED
1724.3Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1724.4Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology)SUSPENDED
1725.1Graduate Diploma in Education (Social Ecology) (exit only)CONTINUING
1781.2Master of Teaching (Primary)CONTINUING
1781.3Master of Teaching (Primary)CURRENT
1847.2Master of Education (STEM)CONTINUING
1859.1Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.2Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.3Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.4Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CURRENT

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