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Social EcologyWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102152.3


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
101654 - Researching Social Ecology

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course, with the exception of those students enrolled in the Bachelor of Research Studies.

About this Unit
This unit focuses on learning in the context of social-ecological understanding. It asserts that ecological sustainability is a consequence of the understanding and enactment of social-ecological relationships. In this regard ‘social ecology’ describes a field of understanding while ‘sustainability’ describes praxis in a social-ecological context. Both experience and the understanding of experience – learning- are subject matter. This study is undertaken through reference to ecological systems of understandings in the context of challenges to that understanding. It is grounded in reference to learning, change, creativity, culture, politics and the physical environment. The unit introduces key theorists and invites students to examine their personal relationship to social-ecological learning.

1714.2Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.3Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.4Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1723.1Master of Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1723.2Master of Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1723.3Master of Education (Social Ecology)SUSPENDED
1724.3Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology)CONTINUING
1724.4Graduate Certificate in Education (Social Ecology)SUSPENDED
1725.1Graduate Diploma in Education (Social Ecology) (exit only)CONTINUING
1725.2Graduate Diploma in Education (Social Ecology) (exit only)SUSPENDED
1781.2Master of Teaching (Primary)CONTINUING
1781.3Master of Teaching (Primary)CURRENT
1847.2Master of Education (STEM)CONTINUING
1859.1Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.2Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.3Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.4Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CURRENT
4781.1Master of Ageing, Wellbeing and SustainabilityCURRENT
8083.2Bachelor of Research StudiesCURRENT


A4068.1Master of Ageing, Wellbeing and Sustainability - Professional StreamCURRENT

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