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Community LeadershipWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102103.1


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
101627 - Connecting Communities in Early Childhood Education, 100308 - Collaborative Relationships

102102 Children, Families, Communities

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in one of the following courses: 1691 Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years) or 1708 Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth -12) or 1671 Bachelor of Social Science (Pathway to Early Childhood Teaching) or 1783 Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years).

About this Unit
This unit increases students' understanding of the diverse, complex and changing nature of Australian families and communities and the role of early childhood services within the contemporary sociocultural context. It also provides opportunities for students to develop critical approaches for working with families and communities within a context of the social, political and economic discourses in early childhood education. This unit has a ten day community placement. Through course work, reflexivity and research, students will collaborate with services to develop a resource or undertake a project suitable to the needs and focus of the service. The focus is on developing and refining effective communication and professional collaborative partnerships with families, staff and children that demonstrate community leadership. Students must have satisfactorily completed child protection awareness training and Working with Children check, and obtained anaphylaxis certification prior to undertaking visits to the early childhood setting. Students must also meet the Inherent Requirements of the Master of Teaching (Birth – 5 Years / Birth – 12 Years), details of which are available at http://www.uws.edu.au/ir/inherent_requirements/inherent_requirements_for_teaching_courses_postgraduate/master_of_teaching_birth_to_5_yearsbirth_to_12_years.

Special Requirements - Legislative Pre-requisites

1. Students are required to complete a Working with Children Check leading to the issuance of a clearance number under the category of volunteer. Students will need to: i. Access the Commission for Children and Young People website and complete an online application form to generate an application number. Ii. Present an application number and identification to a NSW Motor Registry or Government Access Centre prior to issuance by mail of a Working with Children Check number. Iii. Email the letter with a valid Working with Children Check number to enrolments@westernsydney.edu.au to facilitate processing of a school placement. 2. Students must also attend Child Protection Awareness Training prior to undertaking any visits/placements. Students who have not completed Child Protection will need to withdraw from the unit. 3. Students must complete the ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training and email their certificate to EcAnaphylaxis@westernsydney.edu.au. 4. Students must meet the Inherent Requirements for the Master of Teaching (Birth – 5 Years / Birth – 12 Years).

1708.2Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth - 5/Birth - 12)CONTINUING
1708.3Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth - 5/Birth - 12)CONTINUING
1783.1Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.2Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.3Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1784.1Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years) (exit only)CONTINUING
6017.1Diploma in Arts/Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12)CONTINUING


M1082.1Education Studies (Birth-5 / Birth-12)CONTINUING

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