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Pedagogy for Positive Learning EnvironmentsWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102082.1


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
An understanding of Adolescent Development

Equivalent Units
101642 - Positive Learning Environments; 101397 - Psychology for Teaching

102081 Adolescent Development and Teaching

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in 1714 Master of Teaching (Secondary)

About this Unit
From 2020 students should note that core units are now taught in semesters rather than half yearly sessions. This unit is designed to promote the application and integration of current psychological and educational theory, evidence and best practice in creating positive learning environments for the purposes of learning, behaviour and wellbeing. A problem-based approach to learning and teaching is used employing case-based vignettes depicting various specific school-based behaviour management challenges. The unit is delivered by providing students with an unfamiliar problem, situation or task related to promoting students learning, positive behaviour and wellbeing. Students are required to determine for themselves how they will go about solving the problem. This occurs through small group work and self-directed research in which students are encouraged to utilise their prior knowledge in the topic area and identify the gaps in their knowledge as they attempt to solve the problem whilst being supported by their tutor and peers.

1714.1Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.2Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.3Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.4Master of Teaching (Secondary)CONTINUING
1714.5Master of Teaching (Secondary)CURRENT
1715.1Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CONTINUING
1715.2Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CONTINUING
1715.3Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CURRENT
1716.1Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CONTINUING
1716.2Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CONTINUING
1716.3Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)CURRENT
1848.1Master of Teaching (Secondary) STEMCONTINUING
1848.2Master of Teaching (Secondary) STEMCURRENT
1853.1Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) STEM (exit only)CONTINUING
1853.2Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) STEM (exit only)CURRENT
1859.1Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.2Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.3Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CONTINUING
1859.4Master of Educational Studies (exit only)CURRENT

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