School Of Education

Prosocial Learning EnvironmentsWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 101105.3


Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled 1691 Master of Teaching (Birth – 5 Years / Birth – 12 Years), 1670 Bachelor of Education (Birth – 5 Years) or 1783 Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years).

About this Unit
From 2020 students should note that core units are now taught in semesters rather than half yearly sessions. Educators have a key responsibility for guiding and leading children in the development of self-discipline, moral autonomy, and a sense of social belonging and wellbeing while acknowledging developmental needs, pluralistic community values, expectations, standards, norms and rules. Despite increased knowledge of child development and children’s social and cultural contexts, the guidance and management of children’s behaviour remains a contentious area for educators, parents and children. This unit will provide students with the opportunity to focus in depth on a range of approaches to behaviour, social interactions and guidance, to reflect on the impact of these approaches on children’s development and learning, and to critically evaluate their personal and professional dispositions regarding behaviour and guidance. The unit also focuses on the design of learning environments that promote engaged learning and a positive physical and socio-emotional climate.

1783.1Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.2Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.3Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.4Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CONTINUING
1783.5Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth - 12 Years)CURRENT
1784.1Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years) (exit only)CONTINUING
1784.2Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years) (exit only)CONTINUING
1784.3Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years) (exit only)CURRENT

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