Postgraduate Specialisation - International Health

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Specialisation Code: ST4003.1

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4652.2 Graduate Diploma in Health Science

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

This specialisation broadens the public health approach of looking at all determinants of health, which include broader social and environmental factors in addition to physical risk factors to include international health studies. For this, students will study a wide range of evaluation processes and research methods such as policy analysis, economic evaluation, epidemiology and qualitative methods. The focus of practical skills is in Communicable Diseases, and students will integrate research, analytical and practical skills in the evaluation of contemporary public health issues.

Postgraduate Specialisation Structure

Master of Health Science (International Health)

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 80 credit points including the units listed below. Students should plan their enrolment schedule from the beginning to ensure they can finish as planned. Many units are only available in Autumn or only available in Spring. Please click on each unit number to carefully check the timetable and mode of offering for each unit. Some units are only offered in the external mode. International students must plan carefully, as they can only take a maximum of 25% of their units in the external mode.

400416 Public Health, Policy and Society
400846 Building Organisational Capacity in Health Care
300398 Methods of Researching
400841 A Global Perspective on Social Determinants of Health
400840 Communicable Diseases
400967 Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems

Students may exit with a Graduate Diploma in Health Science (International Health) at this point on completion of the above units.

400417 Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods

Choose one of

400850 Professional Topic

Or one elective

Recommended Electives and Prescribed list of Health Science units

The following units are offered in internal (on campus) mode

400850 Professional Topic

Note: 400850 Professional Topic is only available to students wishing to pursue a research higher degree after graduation

The following unit is offered in external mode

400845 Health Financial Management

The following units are offered in both internal (on campus) and external mode

300391 Occupational Health Management
300677 Safety and Risk Management
300679 Air, Water and Noise Management
300682 Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
400418 Health Advancement and Health Promotion
400837 Health and Socio-political Issues in Aged Care
400842 Quality and Safety in Health Care
400843 Health Workforce Planning
400844 Health Services and Facilities Planning

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