Postgraduate Specialisation - Project Management (Generic Program)

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Specialisation Code: SP3007.1

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3752.1 Master of Project Management
3752.2 Master of Project Management
3752.3 Master of Project Management
3752.4 Master of Project Management
3760.1 Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)
3760.2 Graduate Diploma in Project Management (exit only)
3786.1 Graduate Diploma in Project Management

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

Postgraduate Specialisation Structure

Management Units - these units are offered in Quarter 2 and Quarter 4

Choose three of

200826 Contemporary People Management
200821 Financial Reports for Decision Making
200848 Governance, Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship
200835 Managing in the Global Context
200841 Strategic Business Management
200329 Supply Chain Management

Project Management - Generic Program

Choose three of

201019 Business Analytics in Practice
200776 Compliance Management
101636 Developing Sustainable Places
200828 Diversity, Labour Markets and Workforce Planning
102575 Emergency and Disaster Management
200717 Employment Relations Professional Practice
101315 Financing Cities in the Global Economy
400845 Health Financial Management
400844 Health Services and Facilities Planning
102069 Heritage and Planning
200719 Industrial Relations and Workplace Change
200792 Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
400235 Leadership in Clinical Practice
100701 Leadership, Mentoring and Professional Growth
101633 Managing Cities: History and Theory
401081 Organisational Governance and Performance Management
101634 Planning and Environmental Regulation
101895 Political Economy of Development
102574 Public Health in Complex Emergencies (Advanced)
200721 Reward Management
400838 Supporting Individuals and Communities in Crisis
400847 Surveillance and Disaster Planning
101314 Urban Management Practice: Governance and Power in the City
401373 Workplace Safety and Risk Management

Please note

The units listed below count towards completion of the course (or major) for students who may have passed these units in Autumn 2020 or earlier.

300677 Safety and Risk Management
101897 Development for Equality

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