Sub-major - Composition

Western Sydney University Sub-major Code: SM1015.1

Related Courses

1659.4 Bachelor of Music
1659.5 Bachelor of Music
1738.2 Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars)
1738.3 Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars)
1841.1 Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative Industries
1841.2 Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative Industries

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

Composition develops the creative voice of the composer as distinctive within industry contexts and eclectic in its skill basis and cultural/genre engagement. It does this through developing creative voice awareness, wide contemporary notated composition skills, orchestration and songwriting abilities, as well as improvisation techniques, intercultural awareness, interdisciplinary readiness and collaborative abilities. Collaborative skills are developed including: composer-performer interactivity skills, and songwriting/composition collaborative abilities (lyricists, visual media, dance). Other skills developed include: industry-style pitching abilities, studio sound recording and screen media production skills. Reflective-practice writing skills are honed to identify and resource creativity.

Sub-major Structure

Students must complete the following four units

102548 Composition and Creativity
102549 Songwriting and Composer Collaborations
102563 Screen Media Composition
101539 The Composer-Performer

Equivalent Specialisation Units

The specialisation units listed below count towards completion of this major for students who passed these units in 2017 or earlier.

101530 - Music Composition: Concepts and Creativity

101531 - Music Composition: Text and Visual Interactions

101536 - Sound Composition for Screen Media

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