Major - Islamic Studies

Western Sydney University Major Code: M1604ISLA.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : YES, if the specialisation is available on your Home campus. Please ensure your course structure allows space for enrolment in the units in this unit set. Students must also meet any pre-requisite requirements. Consult your Course Advisor for further advice.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Key Programs of Humanities or Languages, and students outside the Bachelor of Arts, may choose to structure the elective component of their degree into an Islamic Studies Major or Submajor sequence. The area of study balances text and context, as well as historical and modern Islamic studies and research methods. One of the keys to Islamic Studies is ‘relevance’ to the contemporary world, but relevance can only come from a sound comprehension of past traditions in Islamic scholarship and their socio-historical contexts.

Major Structure

Students would be eligible for a freestanding elective major in Islamic Studies having successfully completed 80 credit points which includes the units in the following recommended sequence.

An Islamic Studies elective major must include ONE of the following Level 1 units:

Choose one of:

101462 Understanding Islam and Muslim Societies
101463 Islam in the Modern World

With the remaining seven units drawn from the following pool:

101464 Great Texts of Islam: Qur'an and Hadith
101467 Islam in Southeast Asia
101471 Women in Arabic and Islamic Literature
101465 Islamic Law in a Changing World
100273 New Ethnicities, Old Racisms
100877 Multicultural Studies

Please Note: From 2010 Unit 101463 is a Level 3 unit.

101463 Islam in the Modern World

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