Major - History, Politics and Philosophy

Western Sydney University Major Code: M1604HPP3.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

Since the revival of humanist studies in Renaissance Europe in the fifteenth century, universities have placed History, Politics and Philosophy at the heart of studies in the Humanities. These studies focus upon humankind as the central object of study. Their aim is to better understand ourselves and others. It has been said that every society is the sum of its past. History is the study of humankind in its past. This program offers opportunities to study Australian, European and Asian History. Politics is the study of how societies organise to resolve key issues of governance, such as sovereignty, power, opportunity, property, civic freedom and social justice. Philosophy is the study of the general principles and purposes underlying human action.

Major Structure

Students would be eligible for this major having successfully completed 80 credit points which includes the units in the following recommended sequence.

Students completing a major in History, Politics and Philosophy must complete the Level 1 unit:

100873 Inventing Modernity

Students may also select one of the following Level 1 units to contribute to their major area:

100846 Analytical Reading and Writing
100848 Australian Politics
100868 Foundations of Modern Australia
101737 World Politics: An Introduction
101910 Global History
102000 Modern European History and Politics

And no less than six units from the following list of Level 2 and 3 units:

Level 2 and 3 Units

Note: Not all units will be offered each year. Units will be offered on a rotational basis.

101295 Aesthetics
101882 A History of Modern Global Buddhism
100957 Alternative Histories: The State and Civil Society in Australian History
100985 American Foreign Policy Since 1945
100966 American History, 1898-1945
100986 Australian History 1860-1920
100987 Australian History Since 1920
101685 Australian Indigenous History
100248 Australian Labour History
101973 Australian Politics
101407 Britain 1500-1800: Before Botany Bay
100991 Citizenship Ancient and Modern
100992 Communication: Power and Practice
100853 Contemporary Australia
101799 Convicts and Settlers - Australian History 1788 - 1840
101967 Cultural History of Books and Reading
101249 Culture and Thought in Twentieth-Century China
100903 Democracy in Asia
100861 Empire: European Colonial Rule and its Subjects, 1750-1920
100864 Europe in the Twentieth Century
100869 Foundations of Modern Europe 1500-1800
101674 Global Histories of Food
101735 Global Politics
100507 History of Modern China to 1949
100961 Humanities Internship
100262 India: History in the Making of a Nation
100963 Interpreting Australia: Australian Historians and Historiography
101801 Interpreting Fascism
101823 Lay Participation in Justice Processes
101733 Looking at Global Politics Through Film
100875 Literature and Philosophy
100878 Meanings of a Commonwealth - English Political Ideas 1500-1800
100271 Modern Japanese History
101843 Philosophy and Environment
100275 Philosophies of Love and Death
101797 Political Terror
101665 Politics and Religion
100277 Politics of Australia and Asia Relations
100278 Politics of Post-War Japan
100882 Politics of Sex and Gender
100908 Race Politics
101992 Religion and the Emergence of Modern Politics
102002 Religion and the Origins of Modern Science
63111 Special Topics in Asian and International Studies
100284 Special Topics in Australian History
100887 Sport and Australian History
101867 The Ethical Life
101667 The External Relations of the European Union
101782 The History and Politics of Contemporary Central Asia
101404 The History of Modern Indonesia
101783 The International Relations of the Middle East Since 1945
101405 The Politics of Contemporary Indonesia
100969 Theories of Conflict and Violence
101831 Transport and the Making of the Modern World
101798 Understanding Freedom
101731 Understanding Power
101871 War
101375 War and Peace
100293 War and Society: 20th Century Australia
101010 What is the Human?
101830 WWII in Asia and the Pacific

Bankstown campus - Additional Level 2 and 3 units available for study.

102188 Dictators, Democrats and Dreamers: Indonesia 1942 to now
102184 History of Muslim Civilisations and Ideas
102187 Sultans, Colonists and Nationalists: Indonesia C1200-1942
100892 The Westminster System: England's Constitutional Culture
100894 World War 1

Penrith campus - Additional Level 2 and 3 units available for study.

100244 Ancient Western Culture: Periclean Athens
100852 Classics of Modern Philosophy
100860 Emotions, Culture and Community
100863 Ethical Cultures
100254 Exploring Local History
100001 Keeping the Past
100879 Philosophy Today
100904 Politics and Business in Asia
63178 Social and Political Developments in Contemporary China
101294 The Western Philosophical Tradition
100294 Warlords, Artists and Emperors: Power and Authority in Premodern Japan
100971 Which New World Order?

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