Major - Italian

Western Sydney University Major Code: M1029.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : YES, if the specialisation is available on your Home campus. Please ensure your course structure allows space for enrolment in the units in this unit set. Students must also meet any pre-requisite requirements. Consult your Course Advisor for further advice.

Second language skills are a key competency for employment in an increasingly globalised society. Students undertake study of a language other than English (Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish) suited to their level of language proficiency and career aspirations. The major area includes units about specialized topics, including literature, cinema and culture. Competence in a modern language other than English opens doors to many careers in education, government and community-based industries and businesses.

Major Structure

A major in Italian comprises a sequence of 80 credit points with 60 credit points at Level 2 and 3 (with no less than 30 credit points of these at Level 3), however students commencing at beginner''s level, that is units 101 and 102, and who follow the recommended course structure, are only required to complete 20 credit points at Level 3.

Students should take units that reflect their level of competence in the language and they should not backtrack, i.e. they must not:

- take a Level 1 unit after passing a Level 2 unit in the same language; or

- take a Level 2 unit after passing a Level 3 unit in the same language.

Level 1 unit pool

100130 Italian 101
100131 Italian 102

Level 2 unit pool

101701 Language and Communication Skills 2A: Italian
101706 Language and Communication Skills 2B: Italian

Level 3 unit pool

400087 Applied Critical Methods
100961 Humanities Internship
101454 Intercultural Pragmatics
100138 Italian 303: Contemporary Italy in European and International Contexts
100140 Italian 305: Modern Literature
100141 Italian 306: Classical Literature
100143 Italian 308: Italian Cinema
101711 Languages and Grammatical Concepts 3A: Italian
101668 World Cinema
101669 World Literature in Translation

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