The College Admission Pathway - WSTC Arts Extended - Pathway to Teaching Primary - International Students

Western Sydney University The College Admission Pathway Code: A7148.1

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7124.1 Diploma in Arts Extended - Pathway to Teaching Primary

The College Admission Pathway Structure

Students must be enrolled in 7124 - Diploma in Arts Extended - Pathway to Teaching Primary to complete this specialisation

Students must pass the following preparatory units for which no advanced standing will be granted in the Western Sydney University degree program

Students must pass 40 credit points from the following preparatory units prior to enrolling in the University level units

Preparatory Units

700209 Introduction to Academic Communication 1 (WSTC Prep)
700210 Introduction to Academic Communication 2 (WSTC Prep)
700270 English for International Students 1 (WSTC Prep)
700271 English for International Students 2 (WSTC Prep)
700211 Academic Skills for Arts (WSTC Prep)
700212 Cultural Perspectives (WSTC Prep)
700213 Australian Studies (WSTC Prep)
700192 Texts and Communication (WSTC Prep)

University Level Units

Students must pass the following University level units

700132 Contemporary Society (WSTC)
700130 Australia and the World (WSTC)
700131 Analytical Reading and Writing (WSTC)
700133 Texts and Traditions (WSTC)
700134 Global History (WSTC)
700135 Everyday Life (WSTC)
700136 Approaches to Text (UWSC)
700137 Mathematical Patterns and Relationships (WSTC)

Students will graduate with the Diploma after gaining a passing grade in all of the above units.

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