The College Admission Pathway - WSTC Social Science Extended International Students

Western Sydney University The College Admission Pathway Code: A7019.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The College Admission Pathway Structure

Students must be enrolled in 7057 Diploma of Social Science Extended or 7076 Bachelor of Social Science (Policing) Extended (UWSC First Year Program) to complete this specialisation

Students must pass the following preparatory units for which no advanced standing will be granted in the Western Sydney University degree program

Note that students must pass 40 credit points from the following preparatory units prior to enrolling in the University level units listed below

Preparatory Units

700207 English for Tertiary Study 1 (WSTC Prep)
700233 Academic Skills for the Social Sciences (WSTC Prep)
700212 Cultural Perspectives (WSTC Prep)
700234 Understanding the Social Sciences (WSTC Prep)
700208 English for Tertiary Study 2 (WSTC Prep)
700246 Key Ideas in Arts and Social Sciences (WSTC Prep)


700191 – History of Western Thought (UWSCFS) - replaced by 700246 from Term 3, 2015

Please note: Unit 700191 – History of Western Thoughts (UWSCFS) counts towards completion of this course for students who passed this unit in Term 1 & 2 2015

University level Units

Students must pass the following University level units

700139 Working with Communities (WSTC)
700049 Understanding Society (WSTC)
700159 People, Place and Social Difference (WSTC)
700051 The Individual in Society (WSTC)
700158 Human Rights, Peace and Development (WSTC)
700140 Working with Cultural Differences (WSTC)
700156 Crime, Deviance and Society (WSTC)

Students must also pass one of the following University level units

Note: students wishing to enter Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) should take unit 700138 Psychology: Human Behaviour (UWSC)

700055 Cultural and Social Geographies (WSTC)
700138 Psychology: Human Behaviour (WSTC)

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