Postgraduate Admission Pathway - Master of Science (Food Science) - 1.5 year pathway

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Admission Pathway Code: A4039.1

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3749.1 Master of Science

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The Master of Science specialising in Food Science is designed for graduates interested in furthering a career in food science and technology, working in a variety of settings, such as food manufacturing, research and development, regulatory affairs, technical and senior management. Graduates will develop knowledge and skills to meet future challenges to the food supply including sustainability, food safety, and health and nutrition, applicable to both Australian and global contexts. This specialisation develops essential content knowledge, analytical skills and mastery of laboratory methods and quality assurance through an integrated set of units in food processing, quality assurance, food evaluation techniques and new product development. In particular, these units are all directed towards solving current and future challenges. Students will be prepared to become professional food scientists with the cognitive, technical and critical thinking skills to analyse issues and articulate appropriate solutions. Students will become familiar with the University’s food pilot plant and commercial kitchen and be able use these facilities to practise their skills and application of knowledge and skills. A capstone unit involving professional research project allows students to integrate their knowledge and skills developed from the whole program and build on research skills that are scaffolded through the curriculum.

Postgraduate Admission Pathway Structure

Applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, or higher, in science , applied science or health and have a minimum of one year full-time professional work experience (or equivalent) in a field that is related to the intended Specialisation.


A Bachelor Degree in any science, health science, or engineering discipline and a minimum two years full-time equivalent work experience in food, human nutrition, dietetic, hospitality or related industries professions.

Master of Science (Food Science) 120 credit points

Core Units

Students must complete the following core units

301181 Food Evaluation
301180 Food Preservation and Packaging Technologies
301183 Food Product Design
301182 Food Quality Management
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics
301387 Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies

Note: Unit 301387 Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies replaces 301004 Research Preparation in Post Graduate Studies from Autumn 2021.

Capstone Research Unit

Students must complete at least 20 credit points from the following units

401079 Dissertation (Full Time)
401282 Dissertation (Part Time)

401282 Dissertation (Part time) is completed over two teaching sessions, thus students will need to enrol twice in this unit.

400850 Professional Topic
401078 Research Project
401080 Research Protocol Design and Practice

Alternate Units

Students select up to 40 credit points from the ‘Alternate Food Science unit pool’ to complete 120 credit points

Alternate Food Science Unit Pool (all Level 7)

301017 Advanced Waste Management
301279 Water Treatment and Distribution

Unit 301279 - Water Treatment and Distribution replaces 301016 - Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment from Spring 2020

200838 Business Operations and Logistics
201022 Customer Experience

Note: Unit 201022 - Customer Experience replaces 200823 Buyer Behaviour from Autumn 2019

400840 Communicable Diseases
301186 Community and Public Health Nutrition
200776 Compliance Management
800170 Ecosystems in a Changing World
800186 Emerging Technologies for Biological Science
200717 Employment Relations Professional Practice
400975 Ethics in Health Research
200719 Industrial Relations and Workplace Change
200852 Innovation, Creativity and Foresight
200851 Innovation for New Markets
401076 Introduction to Epidemiology
200737 Marketing Systems
301185 Nutrition Promotion
301184 Nutritional Assessment Methods
300391 Occupational Health Management
101634 Planning and Environmental Regulation
301005 Professional Practice and Communication
51240 Project Management
300677 Safety and Risk Management
200329 Supply Chain Management
301003 Sustainable Systems

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