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Course 2739.1 Bachelor of Business and Commerce

If specialisations are included within the structure for this course, they will be displayed below. Please check the box/es for the specialisations you wish to include in your printed document.

Students are reminded to refer to the completion requirements for their Course to ensure they complete all mandatory specialisations required for Course completion.

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Collapse SpecalisationsSpecalisations
KP2739ACCT.1 Accounting KPTESTAMUR
KP2739AE.1 Applied Economics KPTESTAMUR
KP2739AF.1 Applied Finance KPTESTAMUR
KP2739E&F.1 Economics and Finance KPTESTAMUR
KP2739E-BM.1 E-Business Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739EMNG.1 Enterprise Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739FM.1 Financial Mathematics KPTESTAMUR
KP2739GLOM.1 Global Logistics and Operations Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739HM.1 Hospitality Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739HRD.1 Human Resource Development and Organisational Development KPTESTAMUR
KP2739HRM.1 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations KPTESTAMUR
KP2739IB.1 International Business KPTESTAMUR
KP2739IT&F.1 International Trade and Finance KPTESTAMUR
KP2739ITGM.1 International Business and Global Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739MKT.1 Marketing KPTESTAMUR
KP2739MNGT.1 Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739P.1 Property KPTESTAMUR
KP2739RM.1 Retail Management KPTESTAMUR
KP2739SM.1 Sport Management KPTESTAMUR
M08ACCT.1 Accounting MAJOR
M08AMM.1 Applied Marketing Management MAJOR
M08ER.1 Employment Relations MAJOR
M08IB.1 International Business MAJOR
M08ME.1 Managing Enterprises MAJOR
M08MEB.1 Managing E-Business MAJOR
M08MG.1 Managing Globally MAJOR
M08MGLSC.1 Managing Global Logistics and Supply Chains MAJOR
M08MKT.1 Marketing MAJOR
M08MO.1 Managing Organisations MAJOR
M08PROP.1 Property MAJOR
M2504ECON.1 Economics MAJOR
M2504FIN.1 Finance MAJOR
S08AB.1 Advanced Business SUBMAJOR
S08ACCT.1 Accounting SUBMAJOR
S08ACS.1 Accounting Controllership SUBMAJOR
S08EM.1 E-Marketing SUBMAJOR
S08ER.1 Employment Relations SUBMAJOR
S08FM.1 Financial Mathematics SUBMAJOR
S08FP.1 Financial Planning SUBMAJOR
S08HCER.1 Historical and Contemporary Employment Relations SUBMAJOR
S08HOP.1 Hospitality Operations SUBMAJOR
S08HRD.1 Human Resource Development SUBMAJOR
S08IB.1 International Business SUBMAJOR
S08ME.1 Managing Enterprises SUBMAJOR
S08MEB.1 Managing E-Business SUBMAJOR
S08MG.1 Managing Globally SUBMAJOR
S08MGLSC.1 Managing Global Logistics and Supply Chains SUBMAJOR
S08MKT.1 Marketing SUBMAJOR
S08MO.1 Managing Organisations SUBMAJOR
S08OM.1 Operations Management SUBMAJOR
S08PI.1 Property Investment SUBMAJOR
S08PPA.1 Public Practice Accounting SUBMAJOR
S08RI.1 The Retail Industry SUBMAJOR
S08SI.1 The Sport Industry SUBMAJOR
S08WR.1 Workplace Relations SUBMAJOR
S2504ECON.1 Economics SUBMAJOR
S2504FIN.1 Finance SUBMAJOR

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