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Diploma in Social Science (Policing) (exit only)

Approved Abbreviation: DipSocSc(Pol)

Western Sydney University Course Code: 7167.2

AQF Level: 5

The Diploma in Social Science (Policing) is available as an exit point only from 6044 - Diploma in Social Science (Policing)/Bachelor of Policing.

Students should follow the course structure for the course version relevant to the year they commenced. This version applies to students whose commencement year in this course is 2022 or later.

For Commencement Year 2020 - please refer to 7167.1 - Diploma in Social Science (Policing) (exit only)

This course is delivered by Western Sydney University, The College as an agent of Western Sydney University.

The Diploma in Social Science (Policing) provides the first year units of study for the Bachelor of Policing which itself equips graduates with an introduction to policing as a distinct area of academic study, and provides the foundation for students wishing to join the NSW Police Force, or other policing or related organisation. The Diploma offers both social science and criminology units which form the basis for further study in the degree program. The inclusion of additional preparatory units is designed to assist students in the transition to study at University level.

For additional information about majors and sub-majors please refer to the handbook entry for the Bachelor of Policing.

1844.2 - Bachelor of Policing

For more information on Western Sydney University, The College, please refer to their web site.

Western Sydney University, The College

Study Mode
One year full-time (three terms).


This course is an exit award only.

The aim of the course is to prepare students for tertiary study in the Bachelor of Policing. The Diploma is accredited by the University, as principal, to enable its agent, The College, to produce students who are fully prepared for study beyond the first year of a tertiary award.

Local students entering this Diploma are required to have:

  • Completed an English unit in the NSW Higher School Certificate, or
  • Competency in English at IELTS 6.0 equivalent or
  • Completed The College English test at 70% or higher, or
  • Passed The College Foundation English unit at C grade level.

Met other entry requirements such as:

  • An ATAR identified prior to the offer of a place (the ATAR will be set each year at a level below that for admission for the Bachelor of Social Science), OR
  • Completed The College Foundation Studies course, offered by The College, with a GPA of 5.5 or better.

Course Structure

This course is an exit award only.

Students must successfully pass the following University level units

700335Academic Communication for Policing and Justice (WSTC Prep)

Students must successfully pass the following University level units

700049Understanding Society (WSTC)
700159People, Place and Social Difference (WSTC)
700051The Individual in Society (WSTC)
700237Policing Practices (WSTC)
700156Crime, Deviance and Society (WSTC)
700300Introduction to Criminal Justice (WSTC)
700301Mental Health in the Community (WSTC)
700320Introduction to Indigenous Australia: Peoples, Places and Philosophies (WSTC)

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