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Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business

Approved Abbreviation: DipBus/BBus

Western Sydney University Course Code: 6037.3

AQF Level: 7

CRICOS Code: 096603A

Students should follow the course structure for the course version relevant to the year they commenced. This version applies to students whose commencement year in this course is 2022 or later.

Units may be revised or replaced to ensure students are provided with up to date curriculum throughout their studies, and this may result in a new course version. Refer to the Check My Course Progress page in MySR for the most up to date information for your course.

For Commencement Year 2018-2021, please refer to: 6037.2 Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business

For Commencement Year Term 2 & 3 2017, please refer to: 6037.1 Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business

This course harnesses your energy and passion for success. This degree gives you the knowledge to create a career as a business professional. Whether you wish to pursue a corporate role in a global enterprise or start your own business, this course will provide you with the skills to do it. The course begins with four core units: Financing Enterprises, Enterprise Innovation and Markets, Enterprise Leadership, and Enterprise Law. These units provide you with the essential business knowledge that will be the platform for your career and equip you with the academic skills that will underpin your success in the degree.

You will then undertake four professional units. The professional units are where you begin to shape your future in one of three core business areas: Money, Markets or Management. By learning core business skills within the context of your chosen future you will develop new skills and enhance your employability. Units in the professional core will teach you to plan your career, innovate and analyse. You will also be able to explore and apply your skills and knowledge in a work-based learning unit.

Ten industry-relevant specialisations have been created to equip you with expert skills across the three enterprise futures of Money, Markets and Management. The Money specialisations include Accounting, Applied Finance, Economics, and Property. The Markets specialisations are Hospitality Management, International Business, Marketing and Sport Management. Management specialisations are Human Resource Management and Management.

You will need flexibility to create your career. This course gives you the flexibility to select eight units from anywhere in the University. This means that you can choose a variety of non-business units to gain depth and perspective on your enterprise future; you could take a specialisation in another discipline; or you can complete a second specialisation within Business.

The first year of this course is delivered by Western Sydney University The College as an agent of Western Sydney University, via extended face-to-face hours in smaller learning environments. A Diploma in Business exit point is also available at the end of the first year of the course.

For more information on Western Sydney University, The College, please refer to their web site.

Western Sydney University, The College

For course advice during your first year of study, please use the contact below under ‘Course Advice’. For course advice during your second and subsequent years of study, please use the contact listed for the Bachelor of Business.

Bachelor of Business

Study Mode
Three years full-time or six years part-time.

Graduates from this program are eligible to apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board for admission to legal practice in NSW after undertaking prescribed practical legal training. Where the full recommended unit sequence of the major is satisfactorily completed: Major MT2030 Accounting is accredited with CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) Major MT2021 Applied Finance satisfies the educational requirements for membership of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (Finsia). Major MT2024 Human Resource Management Is accredited with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). Major MT2027 Marketing satisfies the educational requirements for recognition as a Certified Practising Marketer and eligibility for membership of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). Major MT2034 Property is accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API) and, depending on electives chosen, students may be eligible for API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) certification. Students, depending on chosen electives, are also eligible for API certifications of Certified Property Practitioner, Certified Property Manager, Certified Asset Manager and Certified Development Practitioner.


For more information on applying please see link to The College admission pages below.

Domestic students are required to have:

  • Completed an English unit in the NSW Higher School Certificate, Or
  • Competency in English at IELTS 6.0 equivalent Or
  • Passed The College English test at IELTS 6.0 equivalent Or
  • Passed The College Foundation Studies Academic English unit at C grade level or higher.

Assumed knowledge in Mathematics equivalent to a two unit subject in the NSW Higher School Certificate.

Met other entry requirements such as:

  • An ATAR identified prior to the offer of a place, Or
  • Completed The College Foundation Studies course with a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher, Or
  • Passed all College preparatory units in The College Standard or Extended Diploma in Business courses, Or
  • Passed all units in the Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management. (from Term 2 2021)

International students must satisfy one of the following Language requirements:

  • IELTS 6.0 with a minimum 5.5 in each sub band Or
  • Completed The College EAP 4 course with a 50% pass Or
  • Passed The College English test at IELTS 6.0 equivalent Or
  • Passed The College Foundation Studies Academic English unit at C grade level or higher.

Applicants must also satisfy the Academic Entry Requirements - as specified in the Western Sydney University Country Qualifications Table:

Western Sydney University Country Qualifications

Or completed The College Foundation Studies course with a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher.

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 240 credit points which include the units listed in the recommended sequence below. The early exit College Diploma consists of 80 credit points.

Western Sydney University The College Units

Nirimba, Bankstown and Parramatta City (George Street)

Please note that all campuses may not have intakes each year.

Year 1

First Term of Study

700251Enterprise Innovation and Markets (WSTC)
700252Enterprise Leadership (WSTC)
700253Financing Enterprises (WSTC)

Choose one of

700274Accounting in Context (WSTC)
700001Marketing Principles (WSTC)
700031Organisational Behaviour (WSTC)
700249Consumers, Firms and Markets (WSTC)

Second Term of Study

700254Enterprise Law (WSTC)
700007Statistics for Business (WSTC)

Choose two of

700331Fundamentals of Marketing Analytics (WSTC)
700029Financial Accounting Applications (WSTC)
700250Financial Institutions and Markets (WSTC)
700030Managing People at Work (WSTC)

*University level units selected above that are not part of the student’s primary major will be counted towards their 80 credit points of electives. Careful selection of electives may allow for a second major as described below under the heading ‘Elective units’.

Students may exit at this point and graduate with the Diploma in Business following a passing grade in all of the above units. Students who progress onto Year Two may also be awarded the Diploma if they gain a passing grade in all of the above units. Students must pass at least 70 credit points of University level units in Year One before progressing to the Year Two units.

Western Sydney University Units

For course advice during your second and subsequent years of study, please use the contact listed for the Bachelor of Business.

Bachelor of Business

Bankstown, Campbelltown, Parramatta (Macquarie Street) and Sydney City Campus

In years two and three, students are required to complete eight major core units from one of the following primary Business majors.

Please note: Majors are not available on all campuses.

Majors for Careers in Money

MT2021Applied Finance

Majors for Careers in Markets

MT2025International Business
MT2036Sport Management

Majors for Careers in Management

MT2024Human Resource Management

Majors for Careers in Business Analytics

MT2041Business Analytics

Professional Units (choose 40 credit points)

The professional units provide a focus on careers. Students are required to complete one unit from each of the four key focus areas: numeracy, career planning, innovation, and enterprise engagement, a total of 40 credit points. Students are advised to choose units that will support careers in one of three areas: Money (for specialisations in Accounting, Applied Finance, Economics and Property), Markets (for specialisations in Hospitality Management, International Business, Marketing and Sport Management), Management (for specialisations in Human Resource Management and Management).

See the handbook entries for each specialisation for information on the professional units that are recommended.

Elective Units

Students may use their elective units to complete an additional major from the pool of Business majors (80 credit points), or a major from another discipline area (80 credit points), or up to 80 credit points from the wide range of units offered by Western Sydney University.

Second majors from other disciplines to complement your primary Business major include:

M2021Business Regulation, Governance and Compliance
M4007Cell and Molecular Biology
M4009Environment and Sustainability
M4008Global Climate Change
M4024Health Management Studies
M1041Indigenous Australian Studies
M3101Information Systems Analytics
M1110Psychological Studies
M1122Public Relations
M1107Sustainable Development
M1106Urban Studies

Second majors in Business include:

MT2021Applied Finance
MT2024Human Resource Management
MT2025International Business
MT2036Sport Management

Enrolment in elective units is subject to meeting any required criteria for individual units, such as co-requisites and pre-requisites.

Students in the Accounting and Property majors will use some of their elective units to meet the accreditation requirements associated with these majors. Depending on the majors selected, these students may therefore be unable to complete a second major. See handbook entries for MT2030 Accounting and MT2034 Property.

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