Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology)

Approved Abbreviation: BAppSc(FoodTech)

Western Sydney University Course Code: 401A.1

CRICOS Code: 041095D

This course provides a professional education in the food industry and associated organisations. Students develop skills to maintain an operating system in accordance with specified regulations and product quality standards. A feature of the course is the emphasis on management studies. Graduates are qualified in all aspects of handling, storing and control of the preserving and processing of meat, fish, cereal, fruit, vegetables, dairy products and formulated foodstuffs. An extended tour of the food industry is optional before the beginning of session five studies. Before graduating, candidates are also required to obtain a minimum of 10 working weeks of Approved Industrial Experience (between sessions) to give exposure to the various facets of industrial life.

Study Mode
Three years full time. The course can be taken part time but unit selection should be taken after consulting the course coordinator. Hawkesbury campus.

Advanced standing

Advanced standing (80 credit points) is given after successfully completing the Diploma (Food Technology) at TAFE or Diploma Applied Science (Food Technology) UWS.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Technology) is recognised by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), and the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA).

Course Structure

Course Structure

To qualify for the degree Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Food Technology a candidate must successfully complete the requirements specified in schedule A.

Schedule A

Main (core) units

Level 100

300221Biology 1
300224Chemistry 1
300225Chemistry 2
200191Fundamentals of Mathematics
FS107AProperties of Food 1.2
FS108AFood Science & Technology Practicum 1.1
FS109AFood Science & Technology Practicum 1.2
MI103AMicrobiology 1.2 (V1)

Level 200

BC201ABiochemistry 2.1 (V1)
FS211AFood Technology Practicum 2.2 (V1)
FS215AFood Science & Technology 2.2
FS217AFood Science & Technology Practicum 2.1
MI201AMicrobiology 2.1 (V1)
PE201AProcess Engineering 2.1 (V1)
SC204AApproved Industrial Experience

Level 300

FS304AFood Product Development Practicum 3.1
FS324AFood Science & Technology 3.1
FS326AFood Science & Technology Practicum 3.2
MG323AManagement 3.1
MG324AManagement 3.2


Level 200

choose 20 credit points from:

CH201AAnalytical Chemistry 2.2 (V1)
MI205AFood Microbiology 2.2 (V1)
PE202AProcess Engineering 2.2

Level 200/300

choose 30 credit points from:

BC206AHuman Physiology 2.2
NT201ANutrition & Health 2.1
FS316AAdvanced Dairy Technology
FS322AFood Evaluation
FS327ASensory Evaluation
FS328APackaging Science & Technology
MI301AAnalytical Microbiology 3.1 (V1)
MI305AFood and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
NT306ANutritional Biochemistry
NT307AApplied Nutrition
SC302ASpecial Issues in Science and Technology

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