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Graduate Certificate in Science (Exit only)

Approved Abbreviation: GradCertSci

Western Sydney University Course Code: 3776.1

AQF Level: 8

The Graduate Certificate in Science (Exit only) is an early exit award from the Master of Science

Master of Science

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 40 credit points comprising: 10 credit points of core units and at least 10 credit points from Alternate Pool 1 AND up to 20 credit points from Alternate Pool 2.

Core unit

All students are required to complete the following core unit:

301114The Nature of Data

Alternate Pools

Students are required to complete 30 credit points as follows:

Choose at least 10 credit points from Alternate Pool 1


Choose up to 20 credit points from Alternate Pool 2.

Alternate Pool 1

This pool comprises science units across different disciplines which complement your specialisation.

301372MSc Research Project (extended)
301361Industry Project
301374Professional Topic
301180Food Preservation and Packaging Technologies
301181Food Evaluation
301182Food Quality Management
301183Food Product Design
301186Community and Public Health Nutrition
301184Nutritional Assessment Methods
400416Public Health, Policy and Society
301185Nutrition Promotion
301357Plant-Climate Interactions in Controlled Environments
301358Advanced Greenhouse Technology
301359Greenhouse Control Systems
301360Greenhouse Crop Production
301368Agricultural Biosecurity
301369Agricultural Biotechnology
301370Agricultural Technologies
301373Livestock Production Systems
301037Scientific Informatics
301247A Cosmic Perspective
301248Space Instrumentation, Technology and Communication
301249Space Science, Planetary Science and Meteorology
800186Emerging Technologies for Biological Science
800170Ecosystems in a Changing World
301044Data Science
301117Predictive Analytics
301113Programming for Data Science
301116Social Media Intelligence

Alternate Pool 2

This pool comprises units from other fields that add breadth to your studies.

200821Financial Reports for Decision Making
200825Understanding Contemporary Organisations
200737Marketing Systems
200826Contemporary People Management
200848Governance, Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship
200841Strategic Business Management
401076Introduction to Epidemiology
400975Ethics in Health Research
301005Professional Practice and Communication
300391Occupational Health Management
300677Safety and Risk Management
301003Sustainable Systems
301279Water Treatment and Distribution
301017Advanced Waste Management
101634Planning and Environmental Regulation
200776Compliance Management
51240Project Management
200838Business Operations and Logistics
200329Supply Chain Management
201022Customer Experience
200851Innovation for New Markets
200852Innovation, Creativity and Foresight
200719Industrial Relations and Workplace Change
200827Developing Human Capital and Organisational Capability
200841Strategic Business Management
400418Health Advancement and Health Promotion
400841A Global Perspective on Social Determinants of Health
401238Qualitative Research Methodology in Health
400844Health Services and Facilities Planning
101636Developing Sustainable Places
102180Translation from Theory and Research to Policy
400238Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care Provision
400837Health and Socio-political Issues in Aged Care
400840Communicable Diseases
400843Health Workforce Planning
400846Building Organisational Capacity in Health Care
400847Surveillance and Disaster Planning
401173Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
401179Data Management and Programming for Epidemiology
401174Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases
401178Controversies in Epidemiology
401175Analytic Approaches in Epidemiology
401176Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
301003Sustainable Systems

Please note that the availability of Alternate Units may vary from year to year. New units may become available and some others discontinued. The most recent version of course 3749 Master of Science indicates which units are offered in the course. The School will publish information on which units are available in a session.

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