Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws

Approved Abbreviation: BBus&Com(ABL)/LLB

Western Sydney University Course Code: 2747.4

AQF Level: 7

CRICOS Code: 071478G

Students should follow the course structure for the course version relevant to the year they commenced. This version applies to students whose year of commencement in this course is 2014 or later.

Units may be revised or replaced to ensure students are provided with up to date curriculum throughout their studies, and this may result in a new course version. Refer to the Check My Course Progress page in MySR for the most up to date information for your course.

Commencement Year 2013 - 2747.3 Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws

Commencement Year 2012 - 2747.2 Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws

Commencement Year 2011 - 2747.1 Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws

This program enables students to graduate with both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership), provides students with multi-skilling, and offers diverse career paths providing high marketability in multiple areas of expertise. It provides students with professional legal skills including the ability to analyse legal material and understand fundamental legal principles; an understanding of the relationship between law and society; the skills to analyse and solve legal and non-legal problems and specialised study into the Australian legal system combined with a high level of business knowledge in general as well as knowledge relevant to selected business disciplines.

Study Mode
Five years full-time or ten years part-time

Graduates from the Bachelor of Laws are eligible to apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board for admission to legal practice in NSW after undertaking prescribed practical legal training. For the non-Law component refer to the relevant degree entry.

Inherent requirements

There are inherent requirements for this course that you must meet in order to complete your course and graduate. Make sure you read and understand the requirements for this course online.

Inherent requirements


Eligibility for admission to the Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of Laws is based on the following minimum requirements:

ATAR of at least 90.0 (or equivalent)

For currently enrolled undergraduate students, a GPA of at least 5.0 across two consecutive semesters.

In addition to entry, students must continue to perform at a high level by maintaining a GPA of at least 5.0 across three consecutive semesters (with their performance to be reviewed annually). Students that fail to meet this performance requirement will be transferred to another Western Sydney University course that is deemed relevant in terms of completing their undergraduate studies.

Recommended studies: HSC English Advanced or equivalent and HSC Mathematics or equivalent.

Applications from Australian and New Zealand citizens and holders of permanent resident visas must be made via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Applicants who have undertaken studies overseas may have to provide proof of proficiency in English. Local and International applicants who are applying through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) will find details of minimum English proficiency requirements and acceptable proof on the UAC website. Local applicants applying directly to the University should also use the information provided on the UAC website.


International applicants must apply directly to Western Sydney University via the International Office.

International students applying to The University through the International Office can find details of minimum English proficiency requirements and acceptable proof on their website.

International Office

Overseas qualifications must be deemed by the Australian Education International - National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR) to be equivalent to Australian qualifications in order to be considered by UAC and Western Sydney University.

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 400 credit points as per the sequence recommended below.

Students in this course will be eligible to graduate with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership) with a Key Program in Law on completion of all 24 units listed in the first three years of the relevant sequence below. It should be noted that this includes the nine specified law units.

Students are only permitted to undertake one of the six sub-majors of the Bachelor of Business and Commerce detailed below.

Students will only be eligible to graduate from their Bachelor of Laws degree on completion of the entire 400 credit point course.

This course has been designed for students planning to work as lawyers upon graduation. Students should note that the Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership) degree in this course leads to graduation with a key program in Law, but does not enable graduation in a second key program. If you are intending to work in a business field and also want to complete one of the Majors in the Bachelor of Business and Commerce, you can apply to enrol in each of the degrees separately. After completing the Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership), you may apply for entry into the Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry). The total length of time of full-time study to complete this path of study could amount to five and a half years. Contact the Director Academic Program or Academic Course Advisor for more information.

Recommended Sequence


Year 1

Autumn session

200006Introduction to Law
200008Torts Law
200336Business Academic Skills
200525Principles of Economics

Spring session

200007Law Foundation
200010Criminal Law
200101Accounting Information for Managers
200083Marketing Principles

Year 2

Autumn session

200571Management Dynamics

Choose one of:

200032Statistics for Business
200052Introduction to Economic Methods

One unit from selected sub-major

Spring session

200012Property Law

Three units from selected sub-major

Year 3

Autumn session

200020Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics
200572Advanced Business Seminars
200573Business Leadership

One elective from the Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Spring session

200009Constitutional Law
200574Frontiers of Business Theory and Analysis
200609Entrepreneurial Team
200699Clinical Legal Placement

Note: 200699 - Clinical Legal Placement will actually be offered in Quarter 3 or Quarter 4

Year 4

Autumn session

200757Equity & Trusts
200811Alternative Dispute Resolution

LLB alternate unit 1

LLB alternate unit 2

Spring session

200018Law of Associations

LLB alternate unit 3

LLB alternate unit 4

Year 5

Autumn session

200813Civil Procedure and Arbitration
200814Commercial Transactions Law

LLB alternate unit 5

LLB alternate unit 6

Spring session

200013Administrative Law
200015Criminal Procedure and Evidence

LLB alternate unit 7

LLB alternate unit 8


Students must select one of the following sub-majors:


This sub-major is available to students enrolled in any undergraduate award except those enrolled in an Accounting Key Program or 2727 Bachelor of Financial Advising. This sub major is designed for those who would be working in a business environment where the ability to understand and communicate information contained in the financial reports would be an advantage.


This sub-major is available to undergraduate students who are not enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics or students undertaking an Applied Finance or Economics and Finance Key Program. Finance is important to everyone, whether they wish to work in the finance industry or simply manage effectively their own personal finances. An add-on major or sub-major in finance allows students to choose from a wide range of finance electives covering areas from superannuation to investment and risk management.

SM2031Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

This sub-major provides students with an insight into the issues related to the complimentary fields of human resource management and industrial relations. Students will be addressing issues relating to employment and the world of work in terms of policy development, legal requirements, international considerations and diversity.

SM2010International Business

This sub-major is available to all undergraduate students other than those completing an International Business Key Program. International business has been developed in response to the needs of the growing number of employers, the industry sectors and the student demands and interests in understanding the international business and specifically international marketing. This sub-major provides students with a knowledge and understanding from an international perspective when applying workings of international business markets to real life examples and case studies.

SM2016Managing Organisations

This sub-major is available to all undergraduate students except those completing a Management or Enterprise Management Key Program. This sub-major provides students with an overview of contemporary management practices, relating to issues such as operations, social responsibility, cultural implications of a diverse workforce and strategic management in relation to the contemporary changing business environment.


This sub-major is available to all undergraduate students other than those completing a Marketing Key Program. This sub-major will introduce students to the principal areas of marketing. Participants will gain a basic appreciation of the constantly changing Australian marketing environment and of the opportunities for companies to develop dynamic marketing strategies.

LLB Alternate Units

Students must complete eighty (80) credit points from the list of LLB alternate units below.

200019Revenue Law
200021Land Transactions Law
200186Advanced Taxation Law
200220International Criminal Law
200271Financial Services Law
200296Law Economics and Business Ethics
200297Law of Employment
200298Immigration and Refugee Law
200529Comparative Law: Legal Systems of the World
200629Advanced Family Law
200631Competition Law and Policy
200632Elder Law
200633Family Law
200635Human Rights Law
200637Intellectual Property
200638International Business Transactions Law
200639International Trade Law
200640Medical Malpractice Law
200641Wills and Succession
200647Planning and Environment Law
200650Advanced Torts and Civil Wrongs
200652Space Law - Commercial Aspects
200653Public International Law
200654Anti-Discrimination Law
200656Conflict of Laws
200657Corporate Governance
200659Insolvency Law and Policy
200661Media Law
200663International Moot Court
200697Banking and Securities Law
200699Clinical Legal Placement
200700Law Honours Dissertation
200701Issues in the Criminal Justice System
200702Public Health Law
200704Independent Study (Law)
200741Indigenous Australians and the Law
200772Family Dispute Resolution
200773Moot Court
200774Consumer Law and Policy
200799Work Health and Safety Law
200800International Climate Law
200801International Environmental Law
200802Law and Public Policy (Development and Implementation)
200803Law of International Organisations
200804Law of the Sea

Please note that the availability of Bachelor of Laws Alternate Units may vary from year to year. New units may become available and some others discontinued. The most recent version of course 2501 indicates which units are offered in the course. The School will publish information on which units are available in a session.


An Honours award is offered - see the Honours in Bachelors Awards Policy and associated Guidelines for the admission criteria.

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