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Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only)

Approved Abbreviation: GradDipEdSt(Sec)

Western Sydney University Course Code: 1715.3

AQF Level: 8

CRICOS Code: 0101775

The Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) is an exit point on completion of 80 credit points of study (excluding Professional Practice units) selected from the 1714 - Master of Teaching (Secondary) units as indicated in the course structure below. Please note, this is not a teaching qualification.

1714 Master of Teaching (Secondary)


This is an exit point only from Course 1714 - Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 80 credit points - any eight units from those listed below.

102085Aboriginal & Culturally Responsive Pedagogies
102081Adolescent Development and Teaching
102086Designing Teaching and Learning
102083Diversity, Social Justice and Learning
102082Pedagogy for Positive Learning Environments
102746Inclusive Education: Principles and Practices
102605Professional Practice Community Engagement
102792Professional Experience 1

Students who have satisfied the NESA undergraduate subject content requirements undertake the following Curriculum units

Autumn offerings

102863English Curriculum 1
102865English Curriculum 3
102873Aboriginal Studies Curriculum 1
102867History Curriculum 1
102869HSIE Curriculum 3
102871Geography Curriculum 1
102875Business Studies/Commerce Curriculum 1
102877Music Curriculum 1
102879Music Curriculum 3
102881Technology Curriculum 1
102883Technology Curriculum 3
102885PDHPE Curriculum 1
102887PDHPE Curriculum 3
102889Languages Curriculum 1
102891Languages Curriculum 3
102893Mathematics Curriculum 1
102895Mathematics Curriculum 3
102897Science Curriculum 1
102899Science Curriculum 3

Spring offerings

102864English Curriculum 2
102866English Curriculum 4
102868History Curriculum 2
102870HSIE Curriculum 4
102872Geography Curriculum 2
102874Aboriginal and Society Studies Curriculum 2
102876Business Studies/Legal Studies/Economics Curriculum 2
102878Music Curriculum 2
102880Music Curriculum 4
102882Technology Curriculum 2
102884Technology Curriculum 4
102886PDHPE Curriculum 2
102888PDHPE Curriculum 4
102890Languages Curriculum 2
102892Languages Curriculum 4
102894Mathematics Curriculum 2
102896Mathematics Curriculum 4
102898Science Curriculum 2
102900Science Curriculum 4

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