Bachelor of Social Science

Approved Abbreviation: BSocSc

Western Sydney University Course Code: 1634.2

AQF Level: 7

CRICOS Code: 041159D

For further course information contact The Bachelor of Social Science degree is a broadly based, inter-disciplinary three year program offering flexibility and choice within a range of offerings in the social sciences. The degree seeks to equip all students with the interdisciplinary and specialist skills and knowledge that a new graduate would need on entering the workforce or on proceeding to advanced study. Students are encouraged to choose from more than one of the social sciences, to allow for personal and occupational interests, and prepare themselves to extend their studies at the key program, major and sub-major levels. In later years, students specialise in two of the designated areas as listed (one as a key program or major and one as sub-major) as well as continue with the study of core units. The majors and sub-majors include Community Studies, Criminology, Employment Relations, Humanitarian & Peace Studies, Social Psychology & Social Research, Sociology and Urban Studies with additional sub-majors in Adult Learning, Counselling, Planning, Social Policy and Tourism. In addition to this, students are able to select eight elective units from across UWS subject to availability and UWS rules. The Bachelor of Social Science aims to expand understanding of the social world in three ways: through social theory, social research and the applications of these ideas and knowledge to practice through social engagement. It provides a wide base for understanding issues in the complex, culturally diverse and ever-changing social environment of the 21st century. It also allows for a fourth year honours program for high achieving students who meet entry requirements.

Study Mode
Three years full-time or six years part-time.

Advanced standing

Students are encouraged to apply to The University for advanced standing for TAFE and other accredited courses. The University recognises that knowledge, skills and understanding can be acquired from a wider range of formal and informal learning programs and students may request that their informal prior learning (work related and/or life experience) also be assessed. Applications will be assessed in accordance with current University policy.


Admission is normally through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC). International applicants should contact The University's International Office for details on admission. Contact information for the International Office is available via the website.

Special Requirements Prerequisites
Any student going on placement in NSW Health facilities will need to comply with its occupational screening and vaccination policy prior to placement. Some placement opportunities will also require a mandatory Criminal Record check.

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 240 credit points that includes:

  • A 40 credit point core comprised of four common core units that will be spread out over the three year degree;
  • A key program or major in social science (chosen from the specified list of approved majors) of 80-120 credit points;
  • A sub-major in social science different from the major (chosen from the specified list of approved sub-majors) of 40 credit points; and
  • 80 credit points of electives
  • Where a unit sits across majors or sub-majors it cannot be used as part of a double major or sub-major


  • Core units are offered each year
  • Compulsory units (majors/sub-majors) are offered each year
  • All other units are offered on a rotation cycle and are not offered each year

Please note that while 1st year students are encouraged to study compulsory units from within majors in their first year this is not a course requirement. Students should however carefully review any pre-requisites or assumed knowledge before attempting to enrol.

Recommended Sequence

The first year of the Bachelor of Social Science is broadly based, offering flexibility and choice within a range of offerings in the social sciences. These offerings include a core unit that is common for all students (as listed below) and compulsory unit options as listed within majors or sub-majors.

All first year students are encouraged to choose from a range of compulsory units within each major (as listed below). This will allow students to develop a deeper understanding of social sciences, allow for personal & occupational interests and for those students who are uncertain of what specialisation they wish to major, will provide them with foundational knowledge to assist with their choice of specialisation at a later date.

All students are strongly advised to attend all academic advising sessions prior to commencement of semester for more detailed information.

Common Core Units

Year 1

101363Global Structures and Local Cultures

Year 2

400337Social Research Methods
101346Philosophies of Social Sciences

Year 3

101301Social Science in Action

Key Programs

Note: The Adult and Community Education Key Program is no longer available to students commencing studies from 2009.

KP1634ACEDAdult and Community Education
KP1634URMAUrban Management


M11096Community Studies
M11100Employment Relations
M11101Humanitarian and Peace Studies
M11102Social Psychology and Social Research
M11113Tourism Management
M11106Urban Studies


S11114Adult Learning
S11104Community Studies
S11106Employment Relations
S11107Humanitarian and Peace Studies
S11117Social Policy
S11108Social Psychology and Social Research
S11132Tourism Management
S11113Urban Studies

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