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Building Calculations (WSTC Prep)Western Sydney University Unit Code: 700318.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: Z

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
700264 - Scientific Methods in Construction Management

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled at The College in 6031 - Diploma in Building Design Management / Bachelor of Building Design Management, 7136 - Diploma in Building Design Extended, 6045 - Diploma in Construction Technology/Bachelor of Construction Technology or 7165 - Diploma in Construction Technology Extended.

About this Unit
This unit is designed to assist students to become competent in the field of introductory senior mathematics. It introduces and reinforces mathematical skills in the areas of scale, application of scale, Pythagoras theory, trigonometry, sine and cosine, application of sine and cosine, building volumes, application of building volumes, gradients, application of gradients and thermal flow. Emphasis is placed on developing key competencies in building calculations.

6031.2Diploma in Building Design Management/Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCONTINUING
6031.3Diploma in Building Design Management/Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCURRENT
6045.1Diploma in Construction Technology/ Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCONTINUING
6045.2Diploma in Construction Technology/ Bachelor of Construction TechnologyCURRENT
7108.2Diploma in Building Design Management (exit only)CURRENT
7136.2Diploma in Building Design Management ExtendedCONTINUING
7165.2Diploma in Construction Technology ExtendedCONTINUING
7169.1Diploma in Construction Technology (Exit only)CURRENT
7183.1Diploma in Building Design Management ExtendedCURRENT
7184.1Diploma in Construction Technology ExtendedCURRENT


A7283.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - Recent School LeaversCURRENT
A7284.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - Non-credentialedCURRENT
A7285.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - InternationalCURRENT
A7286.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - Local Recent School LeaversCURRENT
A7287.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - Non-CredentialedCURRENT
A7288.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - InternationalCURRENT
A7317.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - Local Recent School LeaversCURRENT
A7318.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - Non-Credentialed ApplicantsCURRENT
A7319.1WSTC Building Design Management Extended - International StudentsCURRENT
A7320.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - Local Recent School LeaversCURRENT
A7321.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - Non-Credentialed ApplicantsCURRENT
A7322.1WSTC Construction Technology Extended - International StudentsCURRENT

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