School Of Nursing And Midwifery

Scholarship for Practice Change in Health CareWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 401085.2

Discipline: NURSING

Student Contribution Band: 1

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
400807 - Transforming Nursing Practice

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course.

About this Unit
The transformation of practice in healthcare is facilitated when information about creative and innovative practice change and development is documented, disseminated and critiqued through professional channels such as peer reviewed journals, conference papers, discussion papers or project reports. In this unit students will be provided with an opportunity to produce a scholarly piece of work that will disseminate information about transforming practice and improving patient care. The unit aims to enhance scholarly communication skills, provide a vehicle for demonstrating leadership by informing the health professions of innovative solutions for practice change.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Students must have access to the internet and a computer.

4694.1Master of Primary Health CareSUSPENDED
4713.1Master of Child and Family Health (Karitane)CONTINUING
4713.2Master of Child and Family Health (Karitane)CONTINUING
4713.3Master of Child and Family Health (Karitane)CONTINUING
4713.4Master of Child and Family Health (Karitane)CURRENT
4714.3Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health (Karitane)CONTINUING
4714.4Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health (Karitane)CURRENT
4719.1Master of Mental Health NursingCURRENT
4722.2Master of NursingCONTINUING
4722.3Master of NursingCURRENT
4723.2Graduate Diploma in NursingCONTINUING
8083.2Bachelor of Research StudiesCURRENT


A4014.1Master of Nursing (No Specialisation) - 1.5 year PathwayCURRENT
A4015.1Master of Nursing (No Specialisation) - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4016.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Leadership) - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4017.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Leadership) - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4018.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Teaching) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4019.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Teaching) - 1 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4020.1Master of Nursing (Aged Care) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4021.1Master of Nursing (Aged Care) - 1 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4022.1Master of Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4023.1Master of Nursing (Primary Health Care) - 1 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4032.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Aged Care) - 80 cp 1 year PathwayCONTINUING
A4036.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Research Studies) - 80cp 1 year PathwayCONTINUING
A4037.1Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Research Studies) - 60cp 1 year PathwayCONTINUING
A4070.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Teaching) - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4071.1Master of Nursing (Clinical Teaching) - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
ST4014.1Clinical LeadershipCONTINUING
ST4015.1Clinical TeachingCONTINUING
ST4017.1Primary Health CareCONTINUING

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