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Design Graphics: Presenting InnovationWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 301283.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300302 Industrial Graphics 1: Presentation 301074 Graphics 1: 2D & 3D Industrial Design Communication

About this Unit
Design visualisation in the form of 2D and 3D graphics is fundamental to the overall design process. This unit provides students with essential knowledge of design principles as used in visual communication. Students will employ graphic techniques to effectively convey a design proposal using creativity, technical skill, and quality design principles in a manner that is consistent with industry expectations. Students will produce graphic work that is portfolio-ready and suitable to display to potential clients and employers.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Subscription to graphic software required USB or external storage device to store graphic files

1843.1Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CONTINUING
1843.2Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CURRENT
3727.3Bachelor of Building Design ManagementCURRENT
3729.2Bachelor of Design and TechnologyCONTINUING
3729.3Bachelor of Design and TechnologyCONTINUING
3729.4Bachelor of Design and TechnologyCURRENT
3730.2Bachelor of Industrial DesignCONTINUING
3730.3Bachelor of Industrial DesignCONTINUING
3730.4Bachelor of Industrial DesignCURRENT
3731.2Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)CONTINUING
3731.3Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)CONTINUING
3731.4Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)CURRENT
3753.1Bachelor of Architectural DesignCURRENT
3768.1Postgraduate Bridging Program (Architecture)CURRENT
6013.1Diploma in Design/Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CONTINUING
6013.2Diploma in Design/Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CURRENT


M3123.1Visualisation and GraphicsCURRENT

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