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Complex Forensic StudiesWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 300911.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
300373 - Complex Forensic Case Studies

300873 Crime Scene Investigation AND 300843 Forensic and Environmental Analysis AND 300806 Forensic Science AND 300864 Imaging Science & Photographic Evidence OR 401171 Imaging Science

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in 3589 Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science), 3562 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) (Forensic Science), MT3022 Forensic Science, MT3023 Forensic Chemistry or MT3024 Forensic Biology.

About this Unit
This is an advanced and integrating capstone unit for students studying forensic science. It incorporates previous science, forensic science and social science units to form a comprehensive examination of the functionality of forensic evidence within the contemporary Australian judicial system. This capstone highlights the needs for an interdisciplinary approach to define and critique forensic science evidence from various perspectives including science, law, criminology, policing and social science. Students are required to use their skills and knowledge with additional independent research and inquiry using a range of set literature. The unit will study a range of contemporary issues including how the judicial system evaluates the reliability of evidence from an admissibility threshold, identification evidence from CCTV, contextual bias with forensic examination, contamination issues with forensic evidence and methods of expressing forensic findings and/or significance.

2743.11Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.12Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
3562.9Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)CONTINUING
3589.8Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)CONTINUING
3754.1Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
3754.2Bachelor of ScienceCURRENT
3756.1Bachelor of Science (Pathway to Teaching Primary/Secondary)CONTINUING
3756.2Bachelor of Science (Pathway to Teaching Primary/Secondary)CURRENT
3757.1Bachelor of Advanced ScienceCONTINUING
3757.2Bachelor of Advanced ScienceCURRENT
3763.1Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsCONTINUING
3764.1Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesCONTINUING
3764.2Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesCURRENT
4748.3Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCONTINUING
6043.1Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCONTINUING
6043.2Diploma in Science/Bachelor of ScienceCURRENT


KT3149.1Forensic ScienceCONTINUING
M4012.1Crime Scene InvestigationCONTINUING
MT3022.1Forensic ScienceCURRENT
MT3023.1Forensic ChemistryCONTINUING
MT3024.1Forensic BiologyCONTINUING

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