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Sound Design and New Electronic MediaWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102759.1

Discipline: MUSIC

Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Assumed Knowledge
Ability to understand basic acoustics and technical terminology; ability to conduct effective stereo audio recording; ability to operate simple MIDI systems; ability to operate simple audio mixing consoles; ability to critically analyse electroacoustic sound and music works at a basic level.

Equivalent Units
101141 - Digital Musics 2 - Studio and Soundscape, 101538 - Sound Synthesis and the Sound Environment, 102559 - Sound Design

101526 Introduction to Sound Technologies OR 102558 Music Production

About this Unit
The unit builds on the conceptual and practical work presented in Music Production, deepening students’ understanding of technology in contemporary music and media arts practice. Students will study the digital field recording for sound design and composition, the basic principles of sound synthesis procedures and musical acoustics, and creative sound design and synthesiser patch editing. Technical concepts are contextualised within a critical survey of contemporary music and sound design practice.

1659.4Bachelor of MusicCONTINUING
1659.5Bachelor of MusicCURRENT
1738.2Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars)CONTINUING
1738.3Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars)CURRENT
1791.2Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production)CONTINUING
1838.1Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1838.2Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1839.1Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1839.2Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1840.1Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1840.2Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1841.1Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1841.2Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1842.1Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1842.2Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
6015.2Diploma in Communication/Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production)CONTINUING


SM1133.1Sound ProductionCURRENT

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